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All Our Quarrels Played Out In Real Life by The Elephant's Child

We have an interesting experiment going on. Our admiration for New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie knows no bounds. He has vetoed tax increases, cut spending and is trying to reform public pensions. He has inspired everyone with his tough, determined leadership.

In the neighboring state of Connecticut, Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy describes himself as the “Anti-Christie.” He wants to repair the Connecticut budget deficit with a huge tax hike, and the legislature may approve it this week. Gov. Malloy wants to raise taxes on cigarettes, gasoline, internet sales, drugs, booze and wealthy estates. He wants to raise property taxes by $500 for the average homeowner.

Mr. Malloy wants to raise the sales tax to 6.25% from the current 6% and add another 0.1% surtax for Connecticut cities.  He would apply the sales tax for the first time to dozens of services including such things as parking, cosmetic surgery, yoga classes, manicures and pet grooming—broadening the base and raising rates.

Wait, there’s more. He wants to impose a sales surtax on “luxury” goods that would apply to yachts, private planes, classic cars, clothing costing more than $1,000 and jewelery.  Like the president, Gov. Malloy is trying to sell his tax hikes as “shared sacrifice.”And he wants every Connecticut worker who earns more than $50,000 to move into a higher tax bracket. Those who make more than $500,000 would find their taxes raised  from 6.5% to 6.7%, but Democrats in the legislature want to raise it to 7%. Tax the rich!

There’s history behind all this.  For 200 years, Connecticut paid their bills without an income tax, and had become one of the richest states in per capita income.  In 1991, Democrat Governor Lowell Weicker sold an income tax as a one-time reform that would keep sales and property taxes low.  Instead, a state that had been financially solvent for so long is now raising income taxes for the fourth time in twenty years.

Governor Malloy’s tax hikes will allow him to keep on spending, and he plans to increase it by 2.5%.  Where’s the fun in being a governor if you have to cut spending or do battle with entrenched unions to reform pension excess?  Connecticut was once a refuge from onerous taxation in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Now it will become just one more slow growth, union dominated, job-killing example of what not to do.  To see how totally divergent views play out, we’re going to have to pay attention.

What will happen?  Will the new taxes and new programs return Connecticut to solvency, or will the people of Connecticut and the businesses in Connecticut follow so many of their neighbors and move to Florida and Texas? I suspect that we know the answer, but it will be interesting to see how it all works out.

Governor Awesome, Once Again On Why He’s Not Running. by The Elephant's Child

Dang!  Well, that’s very clear, and another reason to respect him.  Do notice the reason.

I Cannot Get Enough of Governor Awesome! by The Elephant's Child

The phrase is Tiger Hawk’s, but so perfect I couldn’t resist using it. Governor Chris Christie continues to demonstrate firm leadership, a resolute determination to fix the dismal economic situation of the State of New Jersey, clear concise speech, and insistence that the New Jersey schools are intended for the benefit of the children — not the teachers’ union or the education officials.  Original idea!

We have a lot of politicians out there who, when they begin a speech, find the audience quickly changing the channel.  And Governor Christie’s videos go viral.  Please pay attention, politicians.  The American people are telling you what they want — straight talk, honesty, determination, and a struggle to do the right thing.

Governor Chris Christie Talks About Accountability. by The Elephant's Child
June 17, 2010, 12:47 pm
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Here is Governor Chris Christie at a Town Hall meeting in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on June 15, 2010.  How refreshing to hear someone talk to people as if they were grown-ups.  I can’t get enough of this man.  He speaks from the heart without a stutter or a stammer, says here are our problems and here’s how we can solve them together.

Governor Christie’s Town Hall. Difficult Questions? No Problem! by The Elephant's Child

Governor Christie is showing the way to getting control of the New Jersey budget.  He’s not firing people, not closing needed programs.

(I don’t know about your state, but in mine — the first thing they claim is necessary is to close state parks — especially the most popular ones).  They don’t freeze salaries, they don’t let go the obscene number of people they hired, they shut down those things that will most disturb the taxpayers, with the claim that if we just raise taxes, then we wouldn’t have to inflict these troubles on you.  Got a popular program for the kids — cancel that and show those voters just who is in charge!

That is possibly why I am so impressed with Governor Christie.  The people of New Jersey should appreciate what they have.

Governor Chris Christie Explains His Style. by The Elephant's Child

After Governor Christie finishes cleaning up New Jersey, perhaps he can take on out federal government. Like New Jersey, we don’t have a problem with too little taxation, we have an immense problem with way too much spending.

Governor Christie’s candor, his straight talk, his bluntness and his sense of humor are entrancing people across the country. Which only demonstrates how rare such qualities are in the public arena. The contrast with another state in financial trouble on the left coast is immense. California is broke, and simply cannot stop throwing money away on one green scheme after another.

I am entranced. Watching this story as it unfolds may explain America to Americans in a way that they have not seen before.

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