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I Suspect You Shouldn’t Underestimate Sarah Palin. Any Woman Who Can Look This Good at Age 47, And Still Possess Her List of Stunning Accomplishments, Is a Force to Be Reckoned With. by The Elephant's Child

Sarah Palin Responds. by The Elephant's Child

Sarah Palin, the target of absurd commentary from the mainstream media and the left (but I repeat myself) since the first news of the Tucson Tragedy, responds with grace to the situation and to her accusers. A very presidential statement.

Sarah Palin, Woo Hoo!! by The Elephant's Child

This is exciting! Sarah Palin is a wonderful choice. Strong, feisty, capable, tough, a reformer.  And above all, she’s real.  So many Washington politicians are patted and groomed into what they believe will appeal to this group or that.  Wardrobe consultants, make up consultants, soon it is hard to discern the person beneath the packaging.

We have been trying for months to find out who Barack Obama is, and what he stands for. His disturbing acceptance speech last night gave us no clue.  Is he completely unaware of what has transpired over the past few years, or was he merely trying to feed his followers enough red meat to satisfy their bloodlust?  It was a mean speech, full of attacks on George Bush who, of course, is to blame for everything — but who is not running again.  I suppose if you have a huge stadium full of people for whom high humor is putting a Hitler moustache on President Bush, accuracy doesn’t matter much.

The more I find out about Sarah Palin, the better this choice seems.  She has not been Governor for a long time, but she has accomplished an amazing amount of important things.  I can’t wait to see her out there on the campaign trail.

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