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Joe Biden Wants to Ban Hamburgers! by The Elephant's Child
April 27, 2021, 8:22 pm
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Lawrence Kudlow reported in The New York Sun, that President Biden was going to ban eating beef. Beef! In the interest, of course, of saving the planet from the ravages of Global Warming, in which President Biden fervently believes. Cow flatulence, you know. CO2. Which is not how it works anyway.

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is plant food, and creates more food for humans and animals. It does not create “global warming.” The warmth of the atmosphere is created by the action of the sun. “Global Warming” has it’s origins in the computers of the science labs of some universities, competing for federal grants, and has not much of anything to do with the real atmosphere. When they started trying to understand Global Warming, the scientists in the universities put what they knew for sure about the climate, which was not all that much, and then they added a lot of informed guesses, and the rest was what they they thought might be probable. This is not what is usually defined as the best science.

Christiana Figueres, who was once General Secretary of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) admitted to a press conference back in 2013 or 2015. somewhere in there, that the object of the climate change thing, was to get rid of capitalism.

No telling what this administration will come up with next. Of course I’m not sure they know what they will come up with either. Their goals are a little unclear, other than putting the Democrats in charge.

Anyway, getting rid of beef? I grew up in cattle country. Not bloody likely. Improve the fence around the back yard a little, buy some hay, and get a calf. I don’t know, you can train a puppy, but a calf is something different. Fortunately the press, or the president changed their minds, and said they didn’t plan on outlawing beef after all. Good. Americans are rather fond of their hamburgers. That would not go down well. And Thousands of McDonalds customers would certainly vote for someone else.

The supposed change of presidential mind came so quickly, that I assume they got a whiff of public reaction to this “brilliant” idea. There will be more. President Biden seems to really believe in the need to do something about a non-existent climate problem The climate is controlled by the sun, not by a number of Herefords on Western ranches. Leave the poor cows alone.

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