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More Hidden Facts on Solyndra Surface. by The Elephant's Child

Newly discovered documents reveal that the bankrupt solar firm Solyndra fired nearly 800 more employees than it had reported previously when it filed for bankruptcy last summer, according to the Washington Free Beacon. The company initially reported that it laid off 1,100 workers in total. U.S. Labor Department documents unearthed by the San Francisco Bay Citizen under the Freedom of Information Act show that 1,861 employees were let go in the days before the company collapsed.

The documents also show the Fremont company increased production in 2011, even though they had an unsold inventory of enough panels to power about 23,000 homes. These revelations will raise more questions about the $535 million federal loan guarantee from DOE, and the lack of supervision.

Obama recently stated that in his second term, he would make Climate Change a major initiative. Richard Epstein told us in 2008, in an Uncommon Knowledge interview that Obama does not change his mind.  His ideas are set in concrete. It seems Mr. Epstein was right.


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