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Here Are A Few of the Apologies From the “Apology Tour” by The Elephant's Child

In last night’s debate, President Obama took angry exception to Governor Romney’s characterization of his “apology tour.” Barack Obama came to office with the idea that the United States must atone for its past policies, whether it is for America’s response to Islamist terrorism or for its overall foreign policy. Obama said during his campaign that he wanted to “fundamentally transform America,” but many thought it was a message about ending the dissent in Washington, not that America is a flawed nation that must seek redemption by apologizing for its past “sins.”

On a number of occasions, the president has sought to apologize for the actions of his own country when addressing a foreign audience. He has already apologized for his country to nearly 3 billion people across Europe, the Muslim world and the Americas.

The strategy of the Obama Administration to combine apology with constant engagement — more talks — is a recipe for failure, and the effect has been a perception of America as weak, self-centered, and a doormat. Obama has misunderstood international popularity as a valid foreign policy. Countries that are not free and do not have the liberties that we take for granted look to America for strong and principled leadership.

The Heritage Foundation has listed ten of the most significant apologies by the President of the United States in his first four months of office. Here are the apologies, excerpts from the speeches and the location and the dates.

  1. Apology to France and Europe (“America Has Shown Arrogance”)
  2. Apology to the Muslim World (“We Have Not Been Perfect”)
  3. Apology to the Summit of the Americas (“At Times We Sought to Dictate Our Terms”)
  4. Apology to the G-20 World Summit (“Some Restoration of America’s Standing in the World”)
  5. Apology for the War on Terror (“We Went off Course”)
  6. Apology in France for Guantanamo (“Sacrificing Your Values”)
  7. Apology to Turkish Parliament (“Our Own Darker Periods in Our History”)
  8. Apology for US Policy to the Americas (“The United States Has Not Pursued and Sustained Engagement With Our Neighbors”)
  9. Apology for Mistakes of the CIA (“Potentially We’ve Made Some Mistakes”)
  10. Apology in Washington for Guantanamo (“A Rallying Cry for Our Enemies”)

Do read the whole thing, you have to get the context. This is a man who took all the nasty things the Left said about the Bush Administration to heart, thought they were true, and something on which to base his presidency.  Big Mistake.

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