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Here’s How a Grocery Chain Responded to Houston Floods by The Elephant's Child
September 4, 2017, 10:05 pm
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As Houston struggles to mop up, clean up and dry out  from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey—Hurricane Irma is moving slowly up through the Caribbean. Irma has increased to a category 4 hurricane, and Florida is preparing, though the path of Irma is not clear yet. With Irma following so closely after Harvey, the global warming cult will be sure that it proves something or other.

Stories continue to emerge of Texans pitching in to help Texans. American Thinker provided a link to an account of the way H.E.B., Texas’ largest grocery chain, with 83 stores in the Houston area, responded to Hurricane Harvey.   Here’s American Thinker’s story. Particularly interesting as Amazon moves to take over the grocery business.

How would Silicon Valley respond to a massive earthquake? We don’t have hurricanes on the West Coast. Or California, for that matter? Or Seattle, or Portland? Leftists assume that Texas is full of drunken cowboys, evangelical churches, uneducated ‘Deplorables’ and  icky Republicans. But people and businesses keep moving out of California and heading to Texas. Just a mystery.


“Struggle Down In Houston” by The Elephant's Child

Donations for the Houston flooding are pouring in, and Houston people face a massive clean up, and massive grief and expense.  The situation is becoming clearer as people begin to sum up the damages. Hurricane Harvey was a big one. It had nothing to do with “global warming”, though the global warming enthusiasts are just sure that it does. It came after a long respite of nine years. Houston has a long, long record of hurricane and flooding damage. Here are pictures from past disasters.

Engineers have been warning for years that the city is a flood disaster in the making,. A University of Texas at Austin civil engineer, Robert Gilbert, said “Houston is very flat. There’s is no way for the water to drain out.” Texas Governor Greg Abbot suggested that Houston residents who had somewhere to go should think about evacuating, but Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner urged them not to evacuate. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana so hard, another hurricane followed and Houston residents were urged to evacuate and caused the traffic jam of the century.

The city’s flood system is supposed to protect the public from a 100-year storm, but that is based on a rainfall total of 13 inches in 24 hours. In an average year, Houston gets 50 inches of rain — as much as Harvey would deliver in some parts of the city. The muddy rivers—the San Jacinto and Buffalo Bayou have dams, but they were built mostly for storage, not flood control. Lake Conroe, a reservoir 43 miles north of the city has a capacity of 430,000 acre feet. The river authority which manages water supplies knew Harvey was coming, but chose not to release water in advance, because it could have caused flooding even before the storm hit, but by Monday they had no choice but to open the flood gates to send another 79.141  cubic feet of water to flooded Houston every second. There have been eight deaths, and the rescue efforts of men with boats have surely prevented many more.

Media coverage has been interesting. Melania Trump was criticized for wearing stiletto heels when she boarded the plane to go to Texas. She changed to trousers and sneakers when they arrived. President Trump was criticized for going to Houston, and even for donating a million dollars of his own money to Houston relief. Some days you just can’t win. The media no longer seems to be quite sane.

After they have drained the city and mopped up, hopefully they will have learned from this disaster and will start to plan seriously for the next one, but there will probably be new people in charge, and funding will be so exhausted that no one will want to think about spending on preparation.


The Perils of Hurricane Harvey by The Elephant's Child

The images from Houston are tragic. Expensive new neighborhoods of lovely two-story homes, and the entire first floor is underwater. The picture of a shark swimming in Houston’s streets is  a hoax, but they do have alligators there, though not roaming the streets. The Cajun flotilla is out rescuing people, and some sub-human types are attempting to loot vacated homes and businesses. It’s an extraordinary flood, and it’s going to take a long time to clean up the mess.

The flood is not caused by “climate change”, though a long list of organizations trying to promote the idea of disastrous climate change want you to believe that. This is the sort of thing that they use for fund-raising. It is an extraordinarily bad flood, but big floods happen from time to time.  The Gulf Coast has had a significant respite from big hurricanes. It has been a respite of nine years, setting a new record. It might be a good idea for FEMA to offer classes for mayors and city officials in areas subject to this kind of storm on how and when to evacuate and how to manage rescue efforts. We’ve had some problems over the years with mayors who make things worse.

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