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Joe Biden is Considering Paying Border-Crossers $450,000 Each in “Reparations” for Trying to Enter the Country Illegally. by The Elephant's Child
October 29, 2021, 3:04 pm
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Somebody has slipped a cog, failed to understand the English language, failed to understand simple basic common sense, or has just drifted off into never-never land. I don’t know what the heck is going on!

President Joe Biden is considering a plan that would pay “border crossers” $450,000 each in “reparations”. WHAT? A plan that would give border crossers , who were subjected to former President Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy about $450,000 each in a “reparations-style payment“.

“BORDER_CROSSERS” have NO RIGHT TO BE HERE AT ALL!. That’s why nations have borders. That’s why we have a BORDER PATROL, and laws about who may enter the country, We are a nation of citizens and people don’t get to just come willy-nilly and get paid for breaking the law and trying to enter illegally!!!

There was some concern early on about Joe Biden’s approaching senility, but I think we’re already there. Donald Trump was a very good president. He was sometimes a little rough speaking, but he did the right things for the American people. Poor Joe Biden simply cannot get past the ideas that he is the “hated Trump”, I guess. I’ve never seen anything like this! Yes, we are a very free country, with lots of amenities. If you admire our form of government work to install something similar in your own country. Americans are big believers in free people, and happy to help where we can.

Government Shutdown? Obviously the Republican’s Fault! by The Elephant's Child
October 1, 2021, 3:50 pm
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I quote John Hinderaker of the Powerline blog here because he nailed it!

  • It is a basic rule of politics that if there is a government shutdown, it is the Republicans’ fault. If a Republican president or governor vetoes Democratic spending bills and portions of the government are briefly shuttered, it is the Republicans’ fault. Conversely, if a Republican Congress or legislature passes spending bills that a Democratic president or governor vetoes because they are not large enough, it is also the Republicans’ fault.

Shortest, quickest reminder from me: “The federal government has no money of it own. Every cent they spend comes from the taxes they collect from you.”

So yes, you get to object, they work for you, not vice-versa. And get to feeling important because members of the press seek them out. One of the tricks they have settled upon is called “infrastructure”. That, theoretically, is going to repair American roads and bridges and fix other things that need fixing. This is usually nonsense, and does what they believe will help to get them returned to Congress next election. Be very suspicious of “infrastructure.”

They are arguing about the debt limit, and having to raise it so we do not default on our debts. Underlying that is all the money the administration is spending on opening up the borders and importing illegal immigrants to be ‘nice’, to be located in swing districts, because once made citizens and eligible to vote, they statistically are likely to vote Democrat. Well, we all do like to think of the United States as a compassionate, ‘nice’ country, so why not open the gates to whoever wants to come here, support them with taxpayer money, if it will lead to a permanent Democrat majority? We just admitted most of those Haitians that were camped under the ridge in Del Rio, Texas. Having some problems with the Afghan “refugees” who are free under Islamic Law to rape and sell little girls to old men and rape and beat women, who are otherwise of no use.

We have laws about how you come to this country to stay. You go to your nearest consulate or embassy, apply, and wait your turn to be admitted. Joe Biden wants more Democrat voters as soon as possible. He may well read his sinking approval ratings like the rest of us do.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has issued new “sanctuary country” orders protecting criminal illegal aliens from deportation, unless they pose a “current threat to public safety“. The orders give ICE agents lots of reasons why a criminal illegal alien should not be arrested and deported, like: advanced or tender age, lengthy presence in the U.S. , a mental condition that may have contributed to a criminal act, or a mental condition requiring care, or status as a victim of a crime, removal of a caregiver or provider, noncitizen eligible for “humanitarian protection”, public service of deportee or their family members, evidence of rehabilitation or long time since offense. In other words it’s hard to get kicked out, even for bad guys.

The agency’s previous orders had successfully freed into the U.S. criminal illegals accused and convicted of child sex crimes, armed robbery, drunk driving, burglary, cocaine trafficking, grand theft auto, heroin trafficking, credit card fraud, money laundering, and other crimes. The folks lobbying for just letting everybody in so we can feel good about ourselves for being “compassionate” have a lot to answer for.

Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is Not as Popular as Biden Believes by The Elephant's Child
May 23, 2021, 7:51 pm
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A few years ago, the Japanese government handed down an edict, that because of the dangers of “climate change” Japan would need to stop running the nation’s vehicles on gasoline (fossil fuels) and switch to running their vehicles on electricity. They shortly discovered that the island nation could not produce enough electricity to power the nation’s vehicles.

They attempted to warn the United States, but we were not particularly interested, but that was before the Biden administration, who were true believers in climate change catastrophe. President Joe Biden believes. That is the reason for dumping the XL pipeline, President Biden is considering moving the nation to electric powered vehicles. He’s even considering running “the Beast”, the presidential vehicle, on electricity. An advisory panel to the president is trying to combine amnesty for illegal immigrants with what they are calling “environmental justice”– the federal effort to confront climate change. Some have tried to suggest that the illegal immigrants trying to cross the Southern border are climate “refugees”.

His White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (savor that one) has released a report with about 90 pages of recommendations which adopt the language of the “Green New Deal” and opposes nuclear energy. So, while they are disposing of petroleum, fossil fuels in general, nuclear energy, and don’t forget that they don’t like nasty dams in pretty rivers either, and certainly don’t want you cutting any timber, so there you are.

Biden had a January executive order which called for 40% of environmental spending to benefit “disadvantaged communities.” The second immigration recommendation suggests that the administration should work aggressively with Congress to secure a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, as well as other improvements to prevent the undocumented from environmental justice investments since they are predominately Black, indigenous, and people of color. Biden has already backed an immigration bill to grant legal status to up to 20 million illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden’s budget proposal for 2022 includes $1.4 billion for “environmental justice” initiatives. I reject the combination of the word “environmental” and “justice.” Sheer nonsense. There is no climate crisis. And President Biden does not have the public support for the amnesty for illegal aliens that he thinks he does. I suspect that he doesn’t have the support for “environmental justice” either.

Big Business Priorities Will Be Joe Biden’s Priorities. by The Elephant's Child
January 17, 2021, 7:15 pm
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Big Business, having hired lots of illegal aliens as cheaper labor, now wants the new president to make them all citizens. The key word there is “illegal”. There is a formal system for entering our country to live and work, it’s called immigration. There is a procedure. You apply for admission and for citizenship, and wait your turn, study the Constitution, and take a test, and there will be a citizenship ceremony when you swear allegiance and are welcomed as new citizens. You just don’t ask a new president to waive all that for your convenience.

The initial idea seems to be that Google would take care of the internet advertising. Immediately services sprang up to offer to remove all ads for a small fee, and of course, you can just click on the ones you don’t want to make them disappear. There is a distinct limit to all the tee-shirts with cute sayings or kitties that people will buy. Google ads are remarkably unappealing. The fact that Google ads are not bringing in the needed revenue, means that websites are now deciding that you have to subscribe to read their offerings. I don’t know about you, but I visit about 20 different websites each day, and the likelihood of my buying 20 subscriptions is about nil. In the old days, before computers, people in good circumstances subscribed to their local daily newspaper, listened to the radio, and perhaps subscribed to a magazine or two. Readers Digest and The Saturday Evening Post come to mind. Far fewer people subscribe to magazines these days. You can just watch the shrinking magazine rack in your local bookstore. Radio remains free. But where are we to get the news? How do we remain informed citizens? Surprisingly. some really don’t want us to be informed.

We are under threat from Socialism, an enormous and growing national debt, a major pandemic, and a threat from Communist China, just to mention the more prominent ones. We require an informed citizenry. Democrats have been trying desperately to get rid of Donald Trump since the first day that he descended the escalator. First it was the Russians, and then they have been trying to stick him with some crime ever since. The latest, of course. is the riot and invasion of the Capitol Building. But the Russians were misinformation, and the invasion of the Capitol Building was the work of outside agitators, not any speech from President Trump. They apparently organized on Twitter. Nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi has tried once again to impeach him, now that his term in office is ended. They are terrified that he might come back in 2024 to run again. As they should be. Donald Trump has done an outstanding job as president, and historians will treat him well.

Here’s Victor Davis Hanson’s clear eyed view of Ms. Pelosi’s efforts which I urge you to read in it’s entirety. And I would suggest some resistance to the idea of making all the illegal aliens citizens. There are some really bad apples among that bunch, or where did you think all the illegal drugs flowing in from Mexico were coming from? They do have some helpers on this side of the border. The Border patrol does hard, and often dirty work, and deserves our support.

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez’s Big Mistake by The Elephant's Child

The big news of the day seems to have been  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s  embarrassing mistake, which she seems not to grasp – was a mistake. Democrats, who want open borders, are anxious to capitalize on any evidence that the federal government might be misbehaving at the southern border.  Perhaps you noticed that when the Border Patrol rescued sick children who died in the hospital from dehydration, Democrats tried to blame the deaths on the Border Patrol rather than the parent who failed to keep them hydrated. Democrats came up with photos of children in cages from the Obama administration, and tried to pass them off as current prisoners of the Border Patrol. They haven’t missed a chance to attack the Border Patrol, the very force designed to protect Americans from criminal illegal aliens and drugs coming across the border.

The congresswoman, during an Instagram Live broadcast on Monday, accused the U.S. of operating “concentration camps” on the southern border. “That is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps,” Ocasio-Cortez said during the video.

Ocasio-Cortez doubled down on her comments on Wednesday, refusing to apologize and invoking the Japanese internment camps of World War II, even including the ringing Jewish phrase “Never again,” which has a deep meaning  for Jews. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has received all sorts of attention from the media. She is very young for a member of congress with unusual, rather striking looks,  and because of what she says she has become click-bait for the media. Unfortunately, what she has to say is clearly the result of the contemporary American collegiate system. (They don’t seem to be doing history these days). Democrats are interested because she is one of theirs, and properly anti-Trump. Republicans, on the other hand, are appalled by her ignorance, and wonder what dumb remark she will come up with next. The media assume that people are really interested, and so seek her out for her latest comments. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a sign of popularity.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Holocaust, you might read Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz, and add to that The Black Book of Communism. There is an appalling ignorance of history today, and many attempts to rewrite that history which is not suitably ‘nice.’ Unfortunately you cannot make what happened go away by tearing down offending statues, relegating the paintings to an attic, or renaming the buildings.  History is how we progress. We learn from our mistakes, but we cannot learn when we don’t know anything at all, and destroyed the evidence. Historians have a hard enough time getting it right, because so many notes and papers and pictures have been discarded.

Enforcing Immigration Law and the Number of Deadbeat Countries by The Elephant's Child

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has been working with the State Department to improve cooperation from other nations that have blocked our transfers of illegal immigrants. Their efforts have reduced the number of nations refusing to cooperate from 23 to 12. The Trump administration expects to continue to reduce the number of noncompliant countries even further.

The problem, of course, is that not only are these people illegal immigrants, but they have been convicted of a crime, and their own nation doesn’t really want them back. Sorry. That just doesn’t work.

Jessica Vaughn, ddirector of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies said:

I am confident that the number of deadbeat countries can be reduced even further – for starters, China and Hong Kong should be the focus of pressure. On the at-risk list, there is no way places like Bermuda should be stiff-arming us. Others, like Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan, have a lot to lose if they don’t cooperate more fully. There are plenty of visa programs that could be turned off in a heartbeat if they do not improve very soon.

ICE and State have the authority to punish recalcitrant countries, but it was almost never used in past administrations. President Trump seems to understand that if people think they can come here and stay on even after being caught—it will only encourage more illegals. If we don’t want illegal aliens, we should not be hanging out a big welcome sign. Conservatives, of course, are accused by the left of being cruel and bigoted, racist, etc. for refusing to welcome illegals.

We have immigration laws, though they need updating, and we can expect them to be obeyed. We have something well over a million people on the wait list—waiting their turn to be admitted legally to become American citizens. Illegals should not be able to jump the queue. It will greatly help to discourage illegals if the rules are clear and clearly observed.

There is a Legal Way to Do It. by The Elephant's Child


Whenever there is a protest, you are apt to see a sign carried by someone protesting immigration laws saying dramatically “No human being is illegal.” As signs go. it’s hard to beat that one for pure silliness. Democrats have rejected the term “illegal alien” in favor of “undocumented people”

Words have meaning that is not determined by the Democratic party, but by the dictionary. In this case Merriam Webster:

illegal, il•le•gal, adjective:  not allowed by law not according to or authorized by law.

That’s pretty straightforward, and descriptive. The meaning is plain, solid fact. Do you see anything demeaning there?

alien, noun:  a person who was born in a different country and is not  a citizen of the country in which he now lives. A foreign born resident who has not been naturalized and is still a subject or citizen of a foreign country.

Also, straightforward and accurately descriptive.

We have immigration laws, and people who want to become Americans sign up, pay the fees and get put on a wait list to be admitted and begin the citizenship process. There are currently around 4.4 million people who have applied legally to immigrate to America, and are waiting their turn. Please explain why they should be superseded by illegal aliens who have crossed the southern border.

We have “sanctuary cities” whose executives have decided to defy federal law so they can feel good about offering “sanctuary” to illegals, often criminals, who are fearful of being deported. Kate Steinle was shot while walking on a wharf in San Francisco with her father by a criminal illegal alien who had already been deported.

Donald Trump has said he wants to deport criminal illegal aliens promptly. ICE has identified 1.9 million criminal aliens + another 940,000 who have absconded from deportation orders. The numbers create a slightly different impression than does the ‘empathy‘ that Democrats supposedly feel for unfortunate undocumented immigrants. And notice that nobody is much concerned with the poor souls who signed up legally, and are patiently waiting.

It’s all about voting, of course.

In the months leading up to the presidential election, a number of observers expressed concern that lax voter identification laws or procedures were resulting in aliens enrolled on state voter registration lists, thus enabling them to vote illegally. At least one survey of voter rolls in Virginia seemed to bear this out.

President Obama, always one to engage in verbal mischief even as he criticizes others’ perceived moral failings, appeared to encourage aliens to vote illegally in the recent election when, just days before the polling booths opened, he was interviewed by actress Gina Rodriguez who asked what would happen if someone illegally present in the United States voted. Obama assured her that were someone illegally in the United States to vote, no one would come after them because of the sanctity of the voting booth.

Question: So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?

Answer: Not true, and the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself.

What? That’s hooey, of course. But  you might ask yourself why the sneakers given to undocumented, unaccompanied children illegally crossing the border had pictures of Obama stamped on their inner soles. But we do need to know just how prevalent illegal vote fraud is.

Donald Trump won partly based on a platform of strong enforcement of our criminal and immigration laws. His attorney general will be Jeff Sessions who believes in immigration law.

We welcome immigrants and try to make them feel at home. A brand new citizen has the same rights as someone whose ancestors arrived with the Winthrop fleet. If you want to come to America apply properly and wait your turn. It’s worth the trouble.

The Free Market Is Not A Suicide Pact by The Elephant's Child
April 24, 2015, 7:19 pm
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Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog

Immigration has become the third rail of American politics.

At a time when the labor force participation rate has fallen to 62 percent and the employment growth for the last 15 years has gone to immigrants, opposing the Super-Amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens is still considered an extreme position… in the Republican Party.

So when Scott Walker merely suggested that Congress should make immigration decisions based on “protecting American workers and American wages”, he was denounced for it by… Republicans.

Walker’s belief that immigration should be based on “our economic situation”, rather than an ideological mandate for open borders, has become an “extreme right” position. And yet this scary “extreme” position that foreign workers shouldn’t be brought in to displace American workers is part of our immigration law. It’s just one of those “extreme” parts that, like the illegality of crossing the border, is being ignored. It’s not just being ignored by Obama. It’s also being ignored by the Republican Party.

Scott Walker’s common sense immigration populism was met with two sets of attacks. The first set came from senators like McCain and Portman playing the old song about all those “jobs Americans won’t do.” (Not that they’re given the chance to do them.) Senator Hatch claimed that, “We know that when we graduate PhDs and master’s degrees and engineers, we don’t have enough of any of those.”

America has no shortage of engineers. Companies aren’t bringing in Third World engineers on H-1B visas because of a shortage, but because they want to fire their American workers and replace them with cheaper foreigners. American IT workers are forced to train their H-1B replacements before being fired.

And that’s when the free market argument kicks in.

Walker was denounced for betraying “free market principles” and for “immigration protectionism”. But if lowering the rate of one million immigrants already arriving each year while Americans can’t find jobs is a violation of free market principles, then why have any limitations on immigration at all?

A poll showed that 13% of the world’s adults or 150 million people would move to the United States if they were allowed to. If 1 million immigrants can’t fill all those jobs that Americans won’t do, let’s try 150 million immigrants.

It would be a violation of free market principles to prevent the 37% of Liberians (genocide in the 80s and 90s), 26% of Dominicans (their last reported unemployment rate in the US was double that of Americans) and 24% of Haitians (Cholera, 14% of the country’s households had a rape in two years) from moving to your town or your city.

Just think of all the cholera, unemployment, rape, welfare and genocide that could be enriching the fabric of our country and your neighborhood right now if it weren’t for all that pesky protectionism.

Clearly we do believe in some form of protectionism. Even Obama hasn’t welcomed in a quarter of Haiti, yet, but the year is still young. The free market isn’t a top-down ideology whose principles require open borders and when it acts as a rigid ideology insisting that its pure application will lead to positive results while ignoring the problems, then it becomes no different than the ideological centrally planned economies destroying themselves.

If freedom is to mean anything, it has to mean the freedom of individuals, not of systems. Like Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion, the American free market is nothing if it is not the right of Americans to freely do business with each other.

That right unfortunately no longer exists. Americans are less free to do business in their own country than foreign countries are to dump subsidized products or surplus populations in the United States.

What does exist is a mantra of free trade that obligates the United States to accept products dumped from subsidized economies such as China and Japan in the name of free trade, to accede to the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries that aggressively develop and protect their industries and to the Third World immigrants displacing American workers to labor at extremely low wages while their real salaries are paid for by American workers in the form of food stamps and other social benefits.

None of this promotes free market principles. Instead free market principles are exploited to undermine our own free market. The right of Americans to freely trade is under attack from mass migration.

Not only are the new immigrants much more likely to vote to the left, but the mass destruction of American jobs is expanding the ranks of the poor who become much less likely to vote Republican.

In the last presidential election, the under $30K group was a wall of Obama voters. This group is twice as likely to identify as Democrat rather than Republican. It’s had the sharpest drop off in Republican identification. In Pennsylvania, Bush won 39% of these voters while Romney took 24% of their votes.

Does electing Democrats promote free market principles? Does reshaping the electorate so that a Republican in the White House becomes an impossible phenomenon serve free trade?

Free market principles, like any others, must be reducible to the individual. Can importing millions of people who reject free market principles individually be in accordance with free market principles?

Only collectively, and collectivist free market principles are a contradiction in terms and a suicide pact. This collectivist version of free market principles destroys our ability to implement any form of free market in the future. The perversion comes from viewing the free market as an abstract idea expressed through our entanglement in a global network. The free market isn’t a global policy. It’s how we live. It’s our freedom to engage in commerce as we choose. It exists only as long as we are free. Scott Walker hasn’t abandoned free market principles. His critics have.

True free market principles derive from the individual, not from national policies that import millions who collectively reject those principles. Protecting American workers who believe in the free market also protects a free market which, along with our other freedoms, would cease to exist without them.

Freedom is a covenant that comes with rights and responsibilities. Our fundamental responsibility to any freedom is to support and protect it. Those who reject a freedom should not be able to benefit from it.

Europe is in a state of growing civil war with Muslim immigrants because European leaders refused to understand that extending rights to those who do not accept them and do not reciprocate creates rights without responsibilities. A right extended to those who reject it is a failed effort at appeasement.

Freedom isn’t global, it’s local. It does not come from policies, it comes from people. It can’t be implemented internationally by creating hollow organizations and pretending that its member nations are free. International organizations of the left, such as the UN, have already proven it through their failures, but international economic organizations, such as the WTO, have proven it as well.

We can sacrifice the American free market to a non-existent global free market, or we can protect the American free market while letting it serve as a model of domestic economic freedom for other nations.

Immigration has an important place in American life, but it can never become more important than American life. It is not an unlimited good and its implementation must flow from what is best for Americans, not from warping the freedoms that we believe in until they become an abstract ideology that destroys the people who practice them.

Scott Walker is not betraying free market principles when he contends that immigration should be based around the needs of Americans, he is practicing and protecting them.

Senator McCain warned that anything but open borders will end all hope of Republicans winning the Latino vote. Republicans won’t win the Latino vote by recreating the conditions of cheap labor and cheap votes that made Mexico what it is, but through an economy where workers have the opportunity to earn a dependable living so that they don’t turn to the left for their economic salvation.

Our economy should not be a machine for importing cheap votes and cheap labor, because cheap labor feeds even cheaper votes. Republican senators trying to help their donors fill those “jobs Americans won’t do” are turning red states blue. They’ve already cost the Republican Party, California. Now they’re working on the rest of the West.

Republicans who are still uncertain should ask themselves who has a better vision for the future of the party; Scott Walker or John McCain.


This article was posted today in the Sultan Knish blog by Daniel Greenfield, who is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center. He is a New York writer who focuses on Radical Islam. A wonderful writer, add his website to your regularly visited sites.

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