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The Democrats had a bad weekend! by The Elephant's Child
February 14, 2021, 12:43 am
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Democrats are having a bad weekend. Trump didn’t get impeached again, It’s quite clear to anyone not involved in the capitol building invasion that he did nothing to cause or encourage that, but Democrats are quite sure that Trump caused the whole thing, ignoring the riots and protests that have gone on for months and months, many involving the radical Antifa.

Now, Economists have slammed Biden’s Stimulus as an “Economically unjustified” plan that “incentivizes unemployment.” On top of all the jobs he has cancelled with his 52 Executive Orders! One might think he is uninterested in full employment, an odd position for a president to take.

Then the oddly-named “Lincoln Project” pretty much fell apart when the leader turned out to be a pedophile. Pelosi was having a hissy-fit because Trump didn’t get impeached for a second time. Democrats are terrified that he will return again, I guess. Having read several summaries of his accomplishments in his four year term, they have a right to be scared. Historians will treat him very well indeed, perhaps as one of our greater presidents, and Ms. Pelosi will not be treated so kindly. I have never quite understood just why they loathed Donald Trump so much. He accomplished a great deal for the American People, created vastly improved employment numbers, and even donated his presidential salary to the country for particular needs. That alone must have really disturbed the Democrats.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is projecting a “rapid resurgence in economic growth and a slower but steady return to pre-pandemic employment levels without needing further stimulus.” (We’ve already spent $4 trillion, and let me remind you again that the federal government has no money of its own, you get to pay for all of it). Free market economists agree that Biden’s ‘stimulus’ comes from politics, not sound economics.

Parents desperately want the schools re-opened, but the teachers’ unions like being paid for not working. Mr. Biden will, of course, support the teachers’ unions.

Stephen Moore of Freedom Works, who served as a top economic advisor for President Trump, argues that government spending can actually be a negative for the economy, because the money is not going to come from the economy. but from taxpayers’ pockets. Obama’s $830 billion “shovel ready” plan resulted in the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Obama’s own numbers indicated that we ended up with fewer jobs than if we had done no stimulus at all.The economists really had harsh word for Biden’s proposed expansion of unemployment benefits way above normal levels.

Then there’s the small matter of a massive influx of illegal aliens to be scattered around the country to supplement the census numbers that determine Congressional representation. Lots of illegals particularly helps the well-to-do who can afford to hire someone to do the skut-work cheaply.

New York’s Governor Cuomo has finally been nationally exposed for putting coronavirus infected elderly in nursing homes and killing off large numbers of the residents. They were really trying to hide that. And in California, the petition to recall Governor Newsom has surpassed the needed million signatures and they are going for 2 million just in case. So it has not been a very good week for the Democrats. Things are just not going their way.

President Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki, said that he is now working on banning guns. Just what he has in mind there is not clear, but gun-banners have not fared well anywhere. The bad guys who need a gun don’t need to go to a gun store, there is a huge trade in unregistered guns, and illegal guns are easy to acquire. Those who need a gun for self protection, probably do not intend to go out shooting other people for fun and profit.

Democrats made much of President Trump’s suggestion that there was some electoral fraud in the election, but computer experts are now warning that there is ample opportunity to program voting machines to produce the desired outcome, and that problem needs to be addressed. I’m sure there is always some fraud in elections, but there should be a huge effort to make it as little as possible, and that man who was born in 1824 should not have been allowed to vote. He was way too old.

There seems, in the wake of President Trump, a new concern for “wrongthink”. There has been some concern that members of the United States Military might suffer from “wrongthink”, and actually approve of President Trump.That is apparently considered a possible problem for members of the armed forces. Need to keep an eye on that particular aberration. Who members of the military choose to vote for is their own personal business. Democrats are going much too far.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Sometimes even the cooperative left wing press can’t cover up everything, and it just hasn’t been one of Democrats’ better weeks.

The Ruling Class, Hard at Work. by The Elephant's Child
January 15, 2021, 9:36 pm
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What a mess the Ruling Class is getting us all into. Democrats, who have loathed President Donald Trump ever since he defeated Hillary, and probably before that, are trying to impeach him again and again, so he will never come back to haunt them. Hillary was going to be their first woman president. Democrats attach great importance to “firsts”, I don’t know why. She would have been a dreadful president. Compulsive liar, drinks too much, killed all her people in Benghazi. Other than that…

So they had a big impeachment vote, except the horrible charges they were impeaching him for were all phony. Trump invited his supporters to come to DC and march down Pennsylvania Avenue with him to protest the stolen election. The riots and invasion of the Capitol Building were apparently spawned on Twitter and Facebook by unidentified groups looking to cause trouble. Trump didn’t say anything to encourage a Capitol invasion, but encouraged peaceful good behavior. The timeline also does not fit. Some had already broken in to the Capitol building before Trump spoke.

The Democrats have tried to attach racism to the Capitol breach, but there was no racism involved whatsoever. “Racism” is just the current “badness” to be attached to anything or anyone out of favor. You can’t have people urging Joe Biden to continue Trump’s “Opportunity Zones” and at the same time try to accuse Trump or racism. Doesn’t work. The Opportunity Zones worked and put lots of unemployed blacks to work. Charter schools, fiercely opposed by teachers’ unions, have meant greater achievement for black kids, in many cases bringing them up to the level of wealthy neighborhoods.

Democrats are very big on racism and gender currently. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a big deal of eliminating gender designations from the formal actions of the House of Representatives. Not going to have language that includes words that are exclusively feminine, particularly when Joe Biden is pushing for gender-neutral bathrooms in our nation’s schools. I suspect a lot of mothers would have some ideas about that.

But Nancy Pelosi apparently forgot her gender designation elimination when she got up to impeach President Trump once again. She said, (and this is not an exact quote) ” I come before you as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and daughter”, as she pointed out that her father had once served in the house. I just thought it was funny.

Way too much trying to make everything about racial prejudice, eliminating anything associated with the South, including Abraham Lincoln and military bases named after Confederate generals. You cannot change the past to fit today’s approved notions. We don’t have to refight the Civil War. A Confederate flag is a historical remnant of that time and not a call for a new battle. History is what happened in the past. Can’t change it now. Hopefully, we will regard history correctly as a record of what happened in the past, become familiar with it and learn from it.

Impeachment Is Over. Bad Job. Case Dismissed. by The Elephant's Child
February 6, 2020, 2:51 am
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Oh my! The Democrats, winding up their very best efforts to capitalize on the articles of impeachment that have resulted from this long, long effort to dispose of the duly elected, but hated, President of the United States of America, have managed to make a colossal mess of the whole thing. Iowa has been holding caucuses for years, it should have been simple, but golly, the results at this late hour, two days late, are still only partly in. Some new software, they claim. Interestingly, Joe Biden, who was the supposed primary opposition in the coming election for President Trump, and the reason for the accusations of Trump’s supposedly impeachable request to investigate him, ( having nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s improbable corrupt payout from the agency his father was in charge of controlling – is now distantly trailing Pete Buttigieg, a radical former mayor, and Bernie Sanders, current socialist. The Democrats are Not Impressed with their list of candidates. Hence Bloomberg and Steyer,the leading radicals for the Democrats.  Impeachment is over. A failed effort. The President is innocent and not, as Nancy Pelosi claims “impeached forever.”

Nancy Pelosi’s smarmy little stunt of ripping up the copy of the President’s speech is failing to bad planning and (even) Democrat disgust. She was filmed showing that the papers of the speech had a tear started, so she could make her dramatic gesture effectively. A number of Democrats were outraged by that, and swore never to vote for a Democrat again.

The “Squad” arranged to fail to be present. AOC stayed home with her new dog, so they wouldn’t have to witness children in cages. Tlaib and Omar pointedly did not attend the 100 year old Tuskegee Airman’s presentation, which outraged other Democrats because that was really an important honor, and a very big deal in the Second World War. Trump made him a General in a ceremony at the White House. But it was pretty obvious that Tlaib and Omar had no clue what a Tuskegee Airman was or why it was supposed to be a big deal.

Democrats, in general, remain furious and outraged, but Impeachment is over. Done. Finished. The President is not guilty, not impeached. Sorry, Nancy, he is not :”impeached forever”. They got themselves all worked up into a frenzy, and don’t know what to do with it. Folks in Utah are talking about recall for Mitt Romney, though recall is apparently not available in Utah. Mitt Romney did come up with a pathetic self-justification, involving his own sterling character and his faith.

Democrats had what might be called a brain freeze, bad planning, bad execution, and a lot of angry citizens. What that means for the 2020 election is unknown. The economy, however, is booming, and favoring the very people who need a booming economy the most. Plentiful jobs, a strong stock market, plentiful energy, and the fires in Australia were not caused by global warming. The Polar Bears are just fine and thriving.

It Makes No Sense, No Sense at All! by The Elephant's Child

From Hot Air, by Kevin Williamson:

Trump’s wrongdoing is real and significant, but Pelosi et al. never had the moral credibility to make a persuasive impeachment case against him or the political juice to get it done. Democrats were talking about impeachment before the man was ever sworn in as president, and they remain emotionally dependent upon their preposterous tale about Russians on Facebook throwing the election to Trump. (The Russians, for their part, wanted paralyzing chaos and to destabilize the United States politically — Mission Accomplished, Ivan.) The Democrats would have been far better off simply telling the truth about Trump’s failings and challenging him at the polls rather than presenting this as an apocalyptic drama that cannot wait for an election and resolution on ordinary democratic terms. Apocalyptic dramas are pretty hard to sell when unemployment is low, and it is possible to exaggerate the sins of even Donald Trump.

From Hot Air by David Harsanyi:

While civility is an imperative in a decent society, we can’t ignore that Trump’s coarseness has also helped reveal the liberal establishment’s incivility and disdain for anyone who refuses to adopt its cultural mores. I’m sorry, I have a hard time taking etiquette lessons from people who can’t raise any ire over the Virginia governor’s casual description of euthanizing infants but act as if every Trump tweet should trigger his removal from office through the 25th Amendment.

So while I don’t like Trump any better today than I did when writing those critical pieces, I do live in the world that exists, not the one I wish existed. And that world has changed. What I didn’t foresee when writing about Trump’s candidacy was the American Left’s extraordinary four-year descent into insanity.

Most people grew up in a neighborhood where everyone else was much like themselves. They never knew anyone who was significantly different. I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood, but in the country where the closest neighbors were a mile or more away, and nothing like me at all. But here are two Conservatives who don’t like Trump, and yet have trouble with the Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. Williamson finds Trump’s wrongdoing real and significant. ?? Harsanyi doesn’t like him because of his coarseness, Yes, Trump responds directly to attacks, and responds in kind. Anybody remember LBJ?
Well government is hard, and the people often do not like their governors, but Trump’s accomplishments would seem to outweigh at least some of the dislike. And yes, the Democrats had decided to impeach him even before he was elected. Trump’s accomplishments in office are amazing and truly welcome.

Yet: “Trump’s Average Unemployment Rate is the Lowest in Recorded History.” There are more women working than at any time in history, and more women currently working than men. The Washington Examiner follows up with “It’s still possible the economy will decline in time for it to hurt Trump in the election. And the Trump presidency has been polarizing for many other reasons. ”

At Powerline, Steven Hayward quotes Joel Kotkin:
For much of the last seventy years, economic growth has lifted the quality of life in Europe, North America, and East Asia, providing social stability after the violent disruptions of World War II. Today, however, many of the world’s most influential leaders, even in the United States, reject the very notion that societies should improve material wealth and boost incomes given what they believe are more important environmental or social equity concerns. . .
Can anyone out there make sense of all this for me? I thought a president was someone you elected to accomplish things and make the economy better.

And a Happy New Year to You All ! by The Elephant's Child

I am not an enthusiast for New Years celebrations, nor do I really think of a new year being a big deal. Don’t like all the efforts to predict what the new year will bring, but the efforts to sum up what transpired during the past year can be useful.

The impeachment thing drags on, but is going nowhere. Abuse of Power is silly, there was no crime whatsoever, and Obstruction of Congress is way beyond silly. The President’s job is to keep the reins on Congress and keep them from doing stupid things. That’s why the founders gave him veto power, and Congress the right to override a veto if they can. The founders were well aware of the failings of the human race, and thought long and hard about writing a Constitution.

The Wall Street Journal was having fits about the “trade war” Trump was initiating with China, but as Joseph Sternberg said today:

A new year brings new optimism that the U.S.-China trade war might not blow up the global economy after all. The two sides are on track to sign a “phase one” deal within weeks. Oddly, no one has stopped to ask if America is ready for what will happen if President Trump “wins” the trade war. …

China’s current-account surplus—the amount by which its exports of goods and services and income from overseas investments exceeds imports—has shrunk for years. It’s likely to tip into a deficit early this decade, meaning China will import more goods and services (and receive less profit from overseas) than it exports.

The scale of this potential deficit, likely under 1% of gross domestic product to start, pales in comparison with the enormous current-account surpluses of nearly 10% of GDP each year China racked up in the first decade of the century. And the deficits will be here to stay.

He adds that their population is aging, the much vaunted Belt and Road deal is mostly pouring money into corrupt public-works, and China’s overseas investments tend to be bad ones. And the U.S. tends to be the world’s premier destination for investment capital. China’s Communism has used industrial policy to suppress domestic demand.

It seems that despite the skeptics, Capitalism seems to work quite nicely. Unemployment is at record lows, the stock market at record highs.

In Baghdad, the crowd that attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq seems to have been more pro-Iran militia than unhappy citizens. A  country’s embassy is considered a part of their own territory and attacking it is a big deal. The president promptly sent in the Marines to reinforce and protect, and demonstrate that attacks were not acceptable. The Washington Post, of course, tried to score points against President Trump. The top Iranian Commander, Quassem Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Quds Force, was apparently killed Friday in airstrikes on Baghdad International Airport. The Pentagon confirmed that President Donald Trump ordered the airstrike. Iran’s Quds Force has been designated as a terrorist organization for some time.

Seems to me that President Trump is letting our friends and enemies know that he has no intention of being a pushover, in case they were under some misapprehension.

Other than that, the media seemed fascinated with the leftover theme from the 1920’s – trying to stick on “the Roaring Twenties” in some way, I guess because that’s all they could think of.  Didn’t work.

Hollywood has-beens keep trying to come up with insults to the President that will get them some media notice, for you cannot remain a celebrity if you cannot get the attention of the press, Nobody seems to have noticed that a lot of Americans are finding other ways to amuse themselves, and movies aren’t doing all that well.

How Long Must We Endure Democrats’ Corrupt Impeachment Circus? by The Elephant's Child

Pelosi Nadler

[Correction: An earlier version of this post referred to Adam Schiff running the new impeachment hearing instead of Jerry Nadler. We had gotten in the habit of writing about Mr. Schiff. We regret the error.]

After huge press buildup and boundless enthusiasm in every newsroom, Democrat Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler, opened the first day of the impeachment hearing that Democrats have been plotting since before President Trump was even inaugurated. Clearly, Mr. Nadler was trying to build up a dramatic, scholarly case for impeachment, but what ensued was instead a rather embarrassing illustration that even Democrats’ most scholarly experts are little more than angry, petty partisans.

He brought in several law professors, assuming, I guess that Professors of Law would outrank and overpower plain old lawyers, but the professors merely followed the hard left discipline of American universities.  The central idea seems to be that the president is guilty of violating the system of checks and balances and is therefore a threat to the Constitution.  President Trump’s release of aid to Ukraine apparently depended on getting information on his 2020 opponent, Joe Biden. Interestingly, the name of the said opponent was never mentioned as far as I could tell, so the emphasis was not on the name but on the opponent part.

I suspect that a lot of Americans were appalled when they learned that the son of the Vice President of the United States who was in charge of aid to Ukraine, had been hired by Burisma, who paid him 38 monthly payments of $83,333.00 each although he had no qualifications whatsoever for the position, except his father’s last name. Hunter Biden didn’t know anything about the business, the industry, the country, nor did he even speak the language. Interestingly in the Schiff committee hearing, nobody mentioned the name of the 2020 opponent who has not yet been chosen or nominated. A thoroughly strange hearing.

If they had any sense, the Democrats would concentrate on trying to defeat President Trump at the ballot box, as the law prescribes, rather than the current sideshow.

There is currently a group of psychiatrists who are trying to get up an organization to encourage impeachment because they think , supposedly, that the president is clearly mentally ill.  In other words, he’s a Republican.

It must be galling to the Democrats that the economy is booming, unemployment has dropped to the lowest level in years, household income is up, President Trump has just reminded the other members of NATO that they have agreed to cough up the amount that they promised to contribute.

Most Americans have respect for the Constitution and realize that impeachment should be reserved for real and deep misconduct. This is not going to end well for anyone.

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