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The First Day Is Not Necessarily an Omen by The Elephant's Child
January 23, 2021, 1:45 am
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The Biden Administration apparently requested protection during the Inauguration from the National Guard, from what, precisely, is not quite clear. The Trump administration has been cleared of any involvement in the invasion of the Capitol Building, which was apparently devised on Twitter and Facebook, by unknown radical groups. Sorry, Nancy, and Charles Schumer. Trump was not involved, much as you were hoping to use it to impeach him for illegally invading the capitol and endangering AOC who was “deeply frightened”.

The National Guard was from several states, but Gov. DeSantis from Florida asked his troops to come home, “rather than be shills for Nancy Pelosi”. They were apparently sent to sleep in a parking garage by Ms. Pelosi or President Biden, and Gov. DeSantis, highly offended, recalled his troops. President Trump, quickly offered the Trump Hotels as more suitable accommodations for the Guard. A parking garage? Good Grief.

Donald Trump has an outstanding record of cutting taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, aiding black families with opportunity zones, and charter schools — opposed by teachers unions, but which have given black kids more upward mobility. Democrats usually simply want to buy votes, not consider whether the cash benefit actually improves lives. I suspect historians will treat Donald Trump very well. They will be more interested in things accomplished rather than what rude name he called someone.

The inauguration has been weird. Instead of people on the mall, they filled spaces with flags, and photographers tried to avoid showing the emptiness. You had the new president speaking to an invisible crowd, waving to empty fields. The group photos of the event included shots of crowds from past inaugurations to make it look as if there really were people there to see the event. The presidential couple walked along, holding hands and waving to empty spaces. The photographers did a good job of trying to represent what the administration wanted people to see. The only shots of the National Guard were of them trying to sleep in a parking garage. I wanted to see what it really looked like, not to condemn or praise, just to grasp what the reality was. Not available. I guess people were told to stay away. Very odd.

The new president’s First Day Executive Orders were frightening because they were such a misjudgment. Hopefully, he’s got that out of his system, and will strive for some sort of normalcy. We’ll see.

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