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The Dumbest New Ban in 2014: Incandescent Light Bulbs. by The Elephant's Child

There has been a lot of talk about low-information voters, but it appears that it is not only voting about which they have little information. Many people are astonished to find that they cannot buy incandescent lightbulbs any more.

The lightbulb ban is pure crony-capitalism. The profit margin on regular incandescent bulbs was slim, and much better with compact fluorescent bulbs or expensive LED bulbs, but people didn’t want them. So the manufacturers joined with green groups to push for tighter lighting standards. More efficient. Save energy. To hell with the free market, consumers will be forced to buy bulbs that offer more profit for GE, Phillips and Sylvania.

If you were unsure about the meaning of “crony-capitalism” there it is. Business, unable to convince consumers to buy their preferred product, turned to the government for regulation that would rig the market in their favor. Is there a need for “more efficient” lighting? What does more efficient mean? It means that it saves energy, and by saving energy they mean emitting less carbon dioxide, which is falsely claimed to be the cause of global warming, which after 17 years of no increases  in warming is becoming a little dubious.

Carbon dioxide is a natural plant fertilizer and makes plants grow — a good thing in a cooling world. People assume that this is a good thing for the environment and will help to save the planet.

Some technologies become obsolete because they are superseded by something better — the free market at work. But this is not the case with lightbulbs. The market did not kill the traditional light bulb. Government did it, at the request of big business. And Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric became the Obama Administration Job Czar. That worked out well. The new bulbs are made in China.

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