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Jordan Peterson Takes on a Leftist Host by The Elephant's Child
April 2, 2018, 8:37 pm
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This discussion could be directed at young David Hogg, though it wasn’t. Media Matters and CNN are doing a lot of damage to that young man.

Are You Offended by Free Speech? by The Elephant's Child

Free Speech zones, small spots set aside where one can speak freely? Parents and alumni should let their colleges know that restricting freedom of speech is a non-starter. Universities are very aware of what has happened at Mizzou and Middlebury, Claremont and Evergreen to name a few, and they deeply, sincerely don’t want any big drop-off in enrollment nor in Alumni donations. Since they all belong to the same crowd, they are not really aware of how offensive contemporary colleges are to many, with outrageous tuition, and Marxist professors who consider themselves as the righteous ones, working to bring about a new and better world.

FIRE is a dandy place for your donations if you so choose. They take them to court, defend free speech and defend students caught up in the melee.

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