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Confidence in Precisely What? by The Elephant's Child
June 21, 2021, 10:58 pm
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President Biden has returned from his trip to Europe for the G7 meeting of European leaders. The press was sure that the trip was a Biden triumph, but there were a lot of voices suggesting that perhaps some cognitive tests were in order.

Hillary remains certain that it was Russian interference that made her lose the election to Donald Trump, and she seems to blame Putin specifically. Russia keeps on messing around with the Ukraine, and nobody seems to publicly object.

Signs of inflation are readily available, especially on gas station pumps. Which should not be surprising with a president who is determined to stop nonexistent climate change.

Dr. Fauci is in deep disgrace as it is learned that he invested in the work of the Wuhan Labs, but he denies everything entirely. I keep remembering that the first appearance of the Covid virus came when someone from Wuhan China came to visit relatives in a nursing home about a couple of miles or so north of my house, and infected the relative, the staff and other patients. President Trump was immediately on top of it, and halted any traffic from China, to a vast outcry from the press about racial discrimination, bias and so on, but clearly saved a lot of lives with his prompt action. Calling it a Chinese virus, or a Wuhan virus was not out of line, as most dangerous viruses are called by the name of their place of origin. Dr. Fauci denies any relation to anything whatsoever. He apparently remains the highest paid federal employee.

It looks like the remedy that President Trump was suggesting was actually highly effective, but he was attacked for that as well.

Things get confusing, and everybody wants to blame someone else. The Covid crisis seems to be under control, people have been vaccinated, the lockdown has eased, and it looks as if schools will reopen in the fall. The problem now seems to be just what it is that they will be teaching. Our society is in turmoil.

Governors on the Southern border are stepping up to try to control Biden’s open borders and amnesty for all. The list of Americans murdered by illegal aliens keeps growing but somehow vague ideas about “refugees” (from what?) seem more popular than insisting that people who want to come to America should simply apply at the nearest consulate and wait their turn, as the law requires. Congress, some years ago limited the number of immigrants to one million a year. I haven’t been able to find out where we stand with that limitation.

So that’s where we are, and it is confusing, and unclear at best. No confidence that anyone is doing the right thing, or even knows what the right thing is. Just no confidence at all.

Do You Recognize the World of the Democrats? by The Elephant's Child

Democrats live in an alternate universe.  The world that exists in Democrat convention speeches is an unfamiliar place to me.  Bleak.  Everyone is a victim.  America is a terrible place, the economy is deep in a recession, no one has health care so people are obviously dying in the streets,  the war is a failure, the surge did not work, prisoners at Guantanamo are tortured, oil companies don’t pay taxes and gouge Americans, the earth will die soon unless rescued by Democrats with wind power, and whatever it is, it is all Bush’s fault. I’m sure I missed some horrors.

I went to the gas station today, and gas is expensive, even for my thrifty Toyota. I can imagine the feelings of those filling up SUVs or pickups. I also went to the grocery store, which is also painful. Prices are up. I made more careful choices.  Most of the inflation in gas prices and food prices comes from Democrat intransigence in allowing us to drill for oil, build refineries, build nuclear plants and pipelines. Prices are not up because of a shortage of windmills and solar panels.

Democrats refuse to drill because they owe the environmental organizations that support them, and the environmental organizations do not want us to use oil.  They think oil is bad, dirty, and evil, and they mistakenly believe that it can be replaced almost immediately by “renewable” “clean” energy.

I hate to keep harping on this, but it is confusing and people keep lying about it, or bloviating when they know not whereof they speak.  Lets go right to the source, the U.S. Energy Information Administration. They have some dandy graphs that explain better than words can.  Renewable energy contributes 6 percent of U.S. energy consumption as of 2004, the most recent figures, and it hasn’t changed much.  91 percent of that 6 percent is contributed by hydropower and biomass waste.  Solar energy contributes 1 percent and wind energy contributes 2.3 percent — not of our energy needs, but of the 6 percent renewables.  Geothermal contributes 5.6 percent of the 6 percent.  See how confusing it gets when you start talking percentages?

Here is another colorful diagram that shows where our energy comes from and where it goes, which will help a lot in deciphering all the bloviating.  I will take up the rest of the problems of the world soon.

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