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We’ve Been Pivoting To Roads And Bridges For 5 Years! by The Elephant's Child

Gay Patriot had a piece perfectly titled:”When the Only Tool You Know is a Hammer…”

People who know him have said that Barack Obama does not change his mind, if he believed in something yesterday, he believes in it today.

The Obama administration is deeply embarrassed by the most recent 0.1% economic growth rate, the ‘distractions’ of the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, criticism of its foreign policy, the failure of the Asian trip, Putin’s lack of appreciation for Obama’s gestures, and the uproar over the administration failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and all the jobs that promises—are pivoting once again to the old tired, crumbling roads and bridges, in the hopes that will please the unions who are really angry about Keystone.

The Obama administration sent to Congress legislation that would provide $302 billion for road and transit projects over four years, a measure needed to keep the U.S. Highway Trust Fund from running dry.

The Transportation Department proposal would boost the highway fund $87 billion above current levels to generate more money for deficient bridges and aging transit systems. The bill also addresses the General Motors Co. (GM) ignition-switch recall by raising almost 10-fold to $300 million the maximum fine on carmakers that fail to quickly recall deficient vehicles.

House and Senate panels are drafting their own bills and there are no plans in Congress to consider the president’s proposed way to help pay for it: a temporary tax increase on overseas earnings by companies.

A transportation proposal sent to Congress by the Obama administration on Tuesday would remove a prohibition on tolls for existing Interstate highways, clearing the way for states to raise revenue on roads that drivers currently use at no cost.

The current federal gas tax is 18.4 cent/gallon. A bill H.R.3636  before the House proposed by Rep. Earl Blumennauer (D-OR) would increase the federal tax to 33.4 cents/gallon on gas and 42.8 cents/gallon on diesel +whatever it is in your state. And of course the Obama administration environmental flim-flam keeps the cost of gas up close to $4.

What interests me is the regularity with which the Obama administration keeps returning to the same old power play — If the only tool you have is a hammer…

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