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Historic. Remarkable. Devastating. Destructive. World Ending. by The Elephant's Child

(Chicago, 1871. A city destroyed. Very low CO2.)

We are indeed watching historic hurricanes, but not in size or — destructiveness. Irma comes in only 7th in the list of hurricanes that have made landfall on the U.S. We had quite a respite from serious hurricanes, but now they’re back, but not because of global warming.

This year we have not only have almost instant coverage and constant updates, but we have film from the intrepid pilots who fly over the hurricanes. We have pictures from the Space Station and satellite pictures delivered instantly to your computer or cell phone. 

But hurricanes are unpredictable. Irma was a Category 5, degraded to a 4, then a 2.  Was supposed to go up the east coast of Florida, made a turn and is heading up the west coast, expected to hit Georgia and the Carolinas, then last I saw is turning west towards the more central states. Unpredictable.

Will more information make us brighter? Probably not. Irma pulled the waters out of Tampa bay, and some residents promptly went down to the shoreline to see the water pull so far back. STORM SURGE! A storm surge can be 12 or 15 feet above normal. All at once. One of the brighter souls suggested shooting this #*”! storm, and many thought that was an excellent idea, while officials shrieked no! no! the bullets can be blown right back at you. Looters are busy and busy being taken in. Some wag remarked — At least bookstores are safe!

For more serious and informed information, and a bracing dose of common sense, visit Climate Depot or Watts Up With That  where you will find the silliness debunked and links to the comments of climate scientists who are experts in this stuff. Read the comments too:

The WashPost ist buyed by Al Gore and his co-operates. That`s the real fight Pres. Trump has to fight against the fake news media. But Trump is a scotch fighter with german blood, he will stand this media storm. Scotchs have been fighting over hundreds of years against the normans, saxons and vikings on the british islands and Scotland is still standing until today. It is, in line with Ireland ( which is an island) and Wales the last bastion af the once great celtic nation.

With a period of low hurricane activity, people have forgotten how bad it can be, and they are scared that it’s all falling apart: Here’s Peter Brannen from the Guardian: “This is how Your World Could End.” And as a rebuttal, here’s the always sensible Christopher Booker: “Hurricane Irma’s numbers simply do not add up  although the global warming brigade would like them to.”

Irma, Jose, and Katia, and an 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake As Well by The Elephant's Child
September 8, 2017, 6:17 am
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The mainstream media suddenly has real news to report. Irma is expected to make landfall some time tomorrow. José is still undecided out in the Atlantic, but strengthening. Katia  is headed for the coast of Mexico, but not with the terrible winds of Irma. But the massive, but shallow earthquake just to the west of the border of Mexico and Guatemala is a big one 8.1 magnitude at 8:41 P.M. and was strongly felt even in Mexico City.  It’s too soon to have much report on the damage, which will be extensive.

Irma seems to be headed straight for Florida, and there have been extensive orders to evacuate, resulting in jammed freeways, Home Depots sold out of plywood. As a Westerner, unaccustomed to tornado, or hurricane —which is a cyclone over water, I can’t imagine the rush to prepare and escape. Officials started recommending evacuation early. Harvey has provided a pretty scary example, and focused everyone’s attention. Friday, the reports of the damage will begin to come in.

Most people are ready with a helping hand, and preparing to help Florida when Irma hits. Here’s a nice example, from Weasel Zippers, of a lady who was too late to get the last generator for her father’s oxygen supply. Americans are good people. That’s part of human nature too.


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