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Changing World, Changing Times! by The Elephant's Child
September 16, 2021, 12:53 am
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People are losing faith in our electoral systems. The computer age has demonstrated how easy it is or can be to transform the vote. There were certainly some fraudulent votes in the last election, enough to change the outcome? Probably not, but I have to admit that I was troubled by the gentleman who was born in 1824 who voted and whose vote was counted. I hope states are working assiduously to make their voting processes more secure.

Democrats are attempting at present to put the federal government in charge of elections rather than individual states, and that attempt must be thoroughly defeated. Can’t think of anything that would do a bigger job or a worse job of controlling our electoral system than putting Congress in charge. And inviting them in the process to keep changing things as the majorities in Congress change.

If you want more people to get vaccinated, you’d probably do better to carefully explain the pandemic, and why vaccinations help to end the pandemic and protect you and yours, than issue mandates. Explain it over and over. A mandate, ordering everybody to do something that they fear, just makes people angry and resentful.

New jobs, new industries pop up all the time, offering new opportunity and a different life. Is this a good thing or not? Is the country better off if people remain or move? Is moving to a new location a life improvement or not? Certainly moving is hugely disruptive. Having to learn your new town or city, new facilities, new customs, make new friends, find new businesses to patronize. Just changing grocery stores is a big deal. Our lives are changing subtly in ways that we don’t understand as we actually do it. And is this a good thing?

Then put those changes in the lives of new immigrants from Afghanistan who do not speak English, do not understand our customs, do not share our religions and yet demand that we respect theirs. The same thing. of course, is happening in the lives of new “migrants” from Central America and elsewhere in the world. Apparently the migrants crossing the southern border include those from many other countries and continents, including Africa and Asia.

We do have a legal immigration system that invites those who want to come to America to apply at their nearest consulate or embassy and wait their turn. The rules change for companies that want employees from other countries whose schools specialize in (especially) computer technology that I assume ours do not, or are they just cheaper to hire?

We have small specialized grocery stores popping up that feature goods from India, and other neighboring countries. Soon, in the parts of the country where Afghan refugees are being located, Islamic groceries will be popping up. People may change their residence or their state, but don’t mess with their foods!

Sexual Assault, Rape, Islam, And Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along. by The Elephant's Child

The reactions in Europe to the coordinated sexual assaults and rapes on hundreds of women in Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin and a few other German towns, in Salzburg, and in Finland — deserves our close attention. The media covered it up. The police and town officials made excuses, or simply tried to ignore it. The Cologne police chief got fired, but the mayor has not yet resigned as she should. The cathedral square in Cologne, filled with nightclubs, bars and coffee shops is where locals have seen in the New Year for hundreds of years.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported:

The men, speaking Arabic and seemingly either drunk or high on drugs, moved around in large groups among a gathering of around 1,000 male migrants and deliberately targeted women. The men easily outnumbered the 190 police officers on duty, who were quickly overwhelmed.

In Cologne, 120 women reported assault, 50 women in Hamburg complained to police, in Berlin a tourist was assaulted by 5 men right in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Just a coincidence? Let’s not be totally gullible. The common thread is that the attackers were Mediterranean men of Arabic appearance and an immigrant background.

In Britain, Quadrant magazine reported in October, of Muslim sex gangs described by authorities as “Asian” in Banbury, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bristol, Burnley, Cambridge, Carlisle, Derby, Leeds, London, Manchester, Oldham, Oxford, Peterborough, Preston, Rochdale, Rotherham. Sheffield and Telford. The victims are under-age English girls, and the gangs are Muslim and traffickers. The press and broadcasters go out of their way to avoid any connection between the acts and the central practices of the religion of the malefactors, or even to name that religion. Referring to them as “Asian” is insulting, for Sikh and Hindu Punjabis in Britain do not commit rapes or assault children, but Muslim Punjabis do. The attacks are characteristic only of Muslims.

The Press and police and social workers have mostly been unwilling to to investigate, take action, or disturb ‘community harmony.’ The only common characteristic is the Muslim religion throughout Britain, Australia, Germany, and Scandinavia. In the Muslim communities, the victims did not matter because they were not Muslims.

The real problem is that Muslims believe in their own superiority and supremacy over others. They hate Israel and India because these are lands that they believe are —theirs by right of conquest. Over a millennium ago conquering Muslim armies detached Palestine along with the rest of the Middle East from the Christian world. Likewise the Muslims invaded India, subjugated the Hindus and forcibly converted many of them. Now the Jews have returned to their ancestral land and the Hindus are masters of their own country and “impudent” enough to want to reclaim their own history. According to Muslim doctrine no country that was once under Muslim rule can ever finally escape from it. What is happening in Britain is that the Muslims are fighting out their foreign conflicts on our territory against our Hindus and our Jews, two groups who have made an unparalleled contribution to the prosperity and intellectual life of our society. We have an overriding duty to defend them.

People in public office have a deep resistance to being accused of Islamophobia, or racism or any other offense against the reigning political correctness in our current society. They might be called unpleasant names, lose their jobs, be demoted, have a black mark against their names — or lose an election. How did we get here? I don’t think ordinary Americans care at all about being politically correct, yet our schools and our governments at all levels are obsessed. Is it the finger-pointing of the press?  As far as that goes, why does the press seem to have less and less understanding of events in the world?  Just asking.

ADDENDUM: Breitbart reports that a peaceful protest in Cologne by the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) today turned violent as German police turned water cannon against the demonstrators. 143 police officers had been turned out to stop the migrant rape of the previous night, 1500 officers were turned out to stop the anti-rape protest. Elsewhere, protesters were accused by some officials as “racists.” Protecting the establishment by accusing those who protest establishment inaction of being at fault— in other words blaming the victims.


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