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Sequestration Clarification: by The Elephant's Child

I didn’t clarify a couple of sequestery  things. First of all: the “cuts” are reductions in the rate of increase coming up this year, not cuts in existing budgets.  Second: There is, I understand, a requirement in the law that requires a 30-day advance notice of layoffs. So all this bit about the horrors that begin with the strike of midnight when the sequester goes into effect is also hooey.

Republicans had pointed out that although the President was flying all over to give campaign speeches at $180,000 an hour, he was not and had not met with the Republicans to discuss the sequester. So yesterday he had a meeting with them. Seven minutes.  Just long enough for a photo-op, so he could prove he had a meeting.  A bit on the tacky side.


Sequestration Forces Dems to Make False Claims! by The Elephant's Child

It Begins. From the Washington Post: “National Park Advocates pressing Congress to prevent deep budget cuts.”

Advocates for the vast numbers of visitors to America’s national parks are pressuring Congress to prevent deep automatic spending cuts that would result in reduced hours and services across the country, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to Yellowstone.

Ha hah. ha ha ha. Obama’s sequester plan is backfiring, and they’re still trying to blame it on Republicans, but it’s not the Republicans’ plan.  It is all Obama’s.

Few corners of the federal government directly touch the public as do the 398 parks, monuments and historic sites, which draw 280 million visits a year. The system would feel the effects immediately of a $110 million slash should budget cuts take effect March 1 — from a three-week delay of Yellowstone’s spring opening to save money on snow plowing, to shuttered campgrounds and visitor centers along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

And 20 days before the cherry blossoms begin blooming on the Mall, $1.6 million would be slashed from the park’s $32 million budget, cutting into law enforcement, tree maintenance, rangers and other services that park employees provide for one of Washington’s biggest tourist attractions.

“We’re going to have 1 million people in D.C. [for the cherry blossoms], whether sequestration happens or not,” said Diana Mayhew, executive director of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the extravaganza scheduled for March 20 to April 14.

Also from the Washington Post: White House Threatens Food shortages if Sequester Hits.

Food shortages? Oh please. The March 1 sequester is not a big deal. Nobody’s taxes will go up, the Treasury won’t run out of cash, Government offices won’t immediately turn out the lights and lock the doors. Thanks to baseline budgeting, everybody is secure. This is all political posturing.




Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, sends out Fearmongering Talking Points.


House Democratic leaders are urging their rank-and-file members to use next week’s recess to hold press conferences and other events humanizing the negative effects of sequestration alongside senior citizens, small business owners, police officers and teachers.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office sent members back to their districts Friday, armed with a two-page memo suggesting a variety of press conference and roundtable location ideas to help demonstrate what might happen if Congress can’t reach a deal by the March 1 deadline and the automatic spending cuts go into effect.

(h/t: Sweetness&Light)

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