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Repudiated, but Utterly Predictable. by The Elephant's Child

Liberals are so predictable!  Back after January 20th 2009, Barack Obama couldn’t stop saying at every occasion , “I won.”  He was unprepared to tolerate any dissent or disagreement.  “I won,” he said.

The Democrats assembled in back rooms, to which Republicans were not admitted.  They wrote bills to which Republicans were not allowed to contribute.  They were uninterested in Republican ideas, nor were they interested in statistics and experience about the ideas they were enacting.  They produced 2000 page bills laden with pork and bad ideas and then didn’t allow Republicans enough time to even read the bills, and forced them through on party line votes by bribing and twisting arms.  They spent more money to no purpose than any Congress ever has.  They raised the national debt and the deficit to unheard of levels, and utterly squandered it.

In November, the Democrat Party suffered in 2010 the greatest defeat following a new president’s election since 1922.  A Repudiation, a shellacking.

This was supposed to be the era of permanent Democrat dominance.  Having been soundly repudiated, they gathered their defeated, fired members back to Washington DC to try to ram all their wishes through in a last-minute Lame Duck session.  A session the Constitution never intended to take place. Nor did it intend for legislators who have been voted out of office to continue making laws.

Now, as predictable as the sun dropping below the horizon at night, Democrats are whining about bipartisanship!  Why aren’t the Republicans cooperating!  Why aren’t they helping the President to get what he wants?  How dare Republicans oppose the sainted Obama!

The President has left for Hawaii, celebrating all his accomplishments.  He seems to believe that getting things passed that the American people reject is an accomplishment.    His self-regard and arrogance know no bounds.


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