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Job Creation 101. Some Prior Business Experience Required. by The Elephant's Child
February 13, 2010, 11:50 pm
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If you wanted to know why the Obama administration seems to be at such a loss as to a way to create jobs, this little graph explains.  Nobody much in this administration has ever worked in the private sector.  No familiarity with the workings of the free market.  Capitalism, — well, you know what Academe has to say about that.

Here’s  economist Veronique de Rugy, at Big Government, yesterday:

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different outcomes.  The different versions of the jobs bills circulating in Washington DC these days are perfect example of that point.

See for instance, the  jobs tax credit for hiring new workers idea. What a brilliant example of bipartisan nonsense that is. Pushed by President Obama during his State of the Union address earlier this month and most recently picked up by Senators Schumer and Hatch.

Still no one seems to wonder, why would employers pay a new worker $40,000 to earn a $5,000 credit unless that worker generates at least $35,000 of revenue? Even when the advice comes from economists at the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the largest association of small business owners in the country, it is ignored by the President and Congress.

Think about it this way:

If your business is slow, and your customers are not buying your goods and services, it is likely that your tax liability will be significantly reduced or nonexistent even.  No tax liability, no need for a tax credit. Better yet, no customers, no need for employees, tax credit or not. (Duh)

Of course the same can be said about Obama’s proposal to use $30 billion of the repaid TARP money to prop up small business lending. There will be no demand for loans as long as the economy is doing poorly and customers are not buying goods and services produced by small businesses.

If Obama wants to help small businesses he should stop pretending to give with one hand while stealing big time from the other hand. What do I mean? Well, he gives useless tax credits on the one hand but is proposing big tax increases for those earning more than $250,000 a year on the other, including all the small business owners that report their business income as individual income. These guys aren’t going to take loans and invest in their businesses and hire new employees if they are going to be hammered with tax the following year.

The Stimulus Bill was not about “stimulating the economy,” nor about spurring economic recovery.  It was about funding favored Liberal policies.  Stimulus II is not called a “stimulus” because the first stimulus notably failed to stimulate and people have noticed. It is instead called  “A Jobs Bill,”  but it also is not about spurring economic recovery. If Congress includes the tax hikes included in the budget into law, countless more jobs will be lost.

President Obama has said that his number one goal for 2010 is to create jobs.  He’s not only not particularly interested, he’s uninterested in learning how it’s done.

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