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The OTHER Democrat Outrage by American Elephant

While all eyes have been on Nancy Pelosi’s Stalinist tactics on the House side of Congress, Harry Reid is busy making a mockery of the Constitution to little fanfare in the Senate. Perhaps it is because Senate Democrats have been pulling the same dirty trick for over a year now that no one much talks about it anymore. Or perhaps its because the media approves.

I suspect the latter.

The Constitution clearly calls for the President to make nominations to fill vacancies in the federal judiciary and other political appointments, and requires the Senate to provide “advice and consent.” Democrats are pulling every trick they can think of to thwart that Constitutional mandate.

Where Pelosi ordered Republicans microphones, the lights and cameras turned off, and Democrats voted to shut down the House rather than allow a vote on drilling  — one Senate Democrat comes in every three days to gavel the Senate in and out of session, a task that took Rhode Island Democrat Jack Reed all of 28 seconds, in order to prevent President Bush from using his Constitutional powers to make recess appointments. How can anyone call a 28 second session anything but an abuse of Senate rules to thwart Constitutionally granted powers?

Meanwhile, there are currently 250 nominations that Democrats are blocking, by these means and others, from receiving an up or down vote. 50 of these are judical appointments, and with the enormous backlog of the federal courts, all are urgent.

If they get large enough majorities, they will make these heavy-handed tactics look like child’s play. They intend to reinstate the “fairness doctrine” to silence only opposition voices. Barack Obama, Henry Waxman and others have made it clear they intend to investigate the Bush adminstration for war crimes. It is also clear they intend to grant amnesty, which, combined with relaxed electoral laws such as motor votor and absentee voting, is meant to ensure they never lose power again. It was supposed to work that way in the 1990’s when Clinton pushed through a flood of naturalizations of Mexican immigrants just in time to get them registered for the election. Citing the Presidents private advisers for contempt of Congress for refusing to aid their fishing expeditions.

  • Abusing the Constitution so they can stack the courts.
  • Silencing political opposition.
  • Criminalizing political opposition.
  • Altering the democraphics to permanently favor them. 
  • Show trials.

Keep in mind, these are things Democrats themselves have already done, and/or are openly promising to do.

Now tell me these are not Stalinists.

Supreme Court Rules: Bush Wins Peace Prize by American Elephant
October 12, 2007, 9:29 am
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Supreme Court of the United States

Hilarity from Scrappleface:

(2007-10-12) — Although former Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize this week for his work as a global-warming performance artist, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled early today that President George Bush would receive the gold medal, the diploma and the $750,000.

Mr. Bush, who was narrowly defeated by Mr. Gore in the 2000 presidential election, thanked Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito “for swinging the vote my way, and helping me to join the pantheon of great Nobel laureates like Jimmy Carter and the late Yassir Arafat who together brought peace to the middle east.”

Mr. Gore could not be reached for comment as he was returning from Oslo, Norway, in a private jet. However, his spokesman said that his efforts to bring peace on earth speak for themselves.

“Thanks to Al Gore’s movies, speeches and books,” said the unnamed spokesman, “Terrorists and tyrants around the world will soon lay aside the weapons of war and give peace a chance by working together to develop a hybrid car that runs on cheap, clean-burning gunpowder.”

The Company Democrats Keep by American Elephant

Hillary Clinton with Sandy Berger

The treasonous Sandy Berger (Bill Clinton’s former National Security Adviser, and John Kerry’s former campaign adviser), who stole national security documents and destroyed them to prevent the American people from ever learning the truth about the Clinton administration’s negligence and incompetence in dealing with terrorism, is once again advising top Democrats:

WASHINGTON – Sandy Berger, who stole highly classified terrorism documents from the National Archives, destroyed them and lied to investigators, is now an adviser to presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Berger, who was fired from John Kerry’s presidential campaign when the scandal broke in 2004, has assumed a similar role in Clinton’s campaign, even though his security clearance has been suspended until September 2008. This is raising eyebrows even among Clinton’s admirers.

“It shows poor judgment and a lack of regard for Berger’s serious misdeeds,” said law professor Jonathan Adler of Case Western Reserve University, who nonetheless called Clinton “by far the most impressive candidate in the Democratic field.” [read more]

Without even getting into the non-stop orgy of corruption that marked the previous Clinton administration, this is the same Hillary Clinton who recently appointed the criminal Alcee Hastings as the co-chair of her national campaign.

Lest  you forget, Alcee Hastings was a federal judge impeached by the House of Representatives in a nearly-unanimous 413-3 vote for soliciting bribes from the federal bench and for perjury. Hastings was convicted by the Senate on 8 counts — only the 6th federal judge in American history to be impeached.

Naturally Democrats did the only thing they could do with such a heinously corrupt man — they elected him to congress — where he is a member of the Democratic leadership to this day.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. I couldn’t agree more. Republicans kick corrupt members out, Democrats elect them, re-elect them, promote them to leadership, hire them as advisers and elect them president.

Republicans lost power in 2006 for the corruption of a few members, all of whom they immediately kicked out. Democrats lost power in 1992 for widespread corruption and almost all the same Democrats are still in power today, only now they have titles like Chairman, Leader and Speaker.

Thats why Democrats are the masters of corruption, and why it has long been said that Americans get the leaders they deserve.

One small victory in the war on Christianity (and reason) by American Elephant

Jesus Christ

In their never-ending war on all things Christian in public, the ACLU has been gunning for an unassuming portrait of Jesus Christ in a small city courthouse in Slidell, Louisiana. The portrait, which depicts Jesus presenting the New Testament has hung above the words, “To know peace, obey these laws,” for more than a decade.

The ACLU filed suit claiming the portrait violated the non-existent, “separation of Church and State,” clause of  the Constitution.

In an effort to compromise, the city added portraits of 15 of history’s other most prominent lawgivers including those of Mohammed (who is shown holding the Koran), Charlemagne, Confuscius, Moses, Hammurabi, Napoleon, Sir William Blackstone and King Louis IX of France.

Naturally, that wasn’t good enough for the ACLU — Jesus, and only Jesus, had to go. They pressed on with their lawsuit.

“We did not file this lawsuit because the ACLU is anti-religion,”… said Vincent Booth, president and acting executive director of the Louisiana ACLU chapter. [read more]

Clearly not. If they were anti-religion they would have sued to remove the portrait of Mohammad as well. Clearly, they are just anti-Christian. (This is news to anyone?)

A Federal Judge ruled against the ACLU yesterday:

“The court today recognized that the First Amendment allows public officials, and not the ACLU, to determine what is appropriate for acknowledging our nation’s legal and cultural heritage,” said Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the Christian legal group Alliance Defense Fund, in a statement Friday.

“The ACLU’s sole and stated objective in this case was to have the Jesus painting removed. But the Constitution does not prohibit public buildings from memorializing great figures from our history.”…

“It’s sad that we’ve reached a point where such images have to be defended,” ADF’s Johnson said. “The ruling today is believed to be the first-ever federal court decision to specifically review and uphold as constitutional an image of an adult Jesus on public display.” [read more]

Finally, reason has prevailed. (HT/Reformed Chicks Blabbing)

…and two steps back:

The battle goes on:

One down, one to go! by American Elephant
September 1, 2007, 4:49 am
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Mike Nifong and James Earle

Disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong and disgraceful prosecutor Ronnie Earle

Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III has sentenced former Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong to jail for criminal contempt. It’s good to see some semblance of justice finally meted out in the Duke Lacrosse non-rape non-case. Nifong has already lost his job and lost his law license, but the one day sentence is much too lenient in my humble opinion. Prosecutors all across the country need to get the message loud and clear that abusing their offices for political ends will not be tolerated.

Now we just need another judge to toss the corrupt, partisan hack, Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle, in the slammer for his blatant abuse of office.

Meanwhile, Republican US Attorney in Seattle, John McKay, outright refused to investigate allegations of fraud in the 2004 election for fear of upsetting the liberal Democrat establishment in which he would soon be seeking employment — even though that election was later determined to have contained the worst case of vote-fraud in Washington state history.

So, Democrats smeared Alberto Gonzales for firing the man who refused to investigate a crooked election! And somehow it ends up being evidence of Republican corruption??? Give me a break!

Yes, there is a widespread culture of corruption indeed — it permeates the Democrat party at every level, from Washington DC to Washington state and the overwhelmingly liberal-Democrat media that carry their water and cover for them.

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