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Obama Administration Efforts at Engaging The People Fail Again. by The Elephant's Child

Oh HaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Angry citizens have been signing petitions about all sorts of things.  They want the Senate to pass a budget. They are so fed up with this administration that 50 states want to secede from the Union.T hey want the administration to build a Death Star.They want the president to support law abiding gun owners. They want to IRS to investigate the Westboro Baptist Church’s 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status. Recognize SIKH Genocide. Repeal DOMA. Repeal ObamaCare. Deport anyone who signed a petition to secede. Require labels of genetically modified foods. And more.

The original requirement for numbers of petitioners was 5,000 to get a response from the White House. Then they raised it to 25,000.  They really care about “Giving all Americans a way to engage their government on the issues that matter to them.” But not quite so much. They have quadrupled the number of petition signers  to 100,000 before the petition will get a response.  Transparency is very important to us, just  not so much.

In tot6al, the site has seen 9.1 million signatures on 141,000 petitions from 5.4 million users. 162 official responses have been offered to the 141,000 petitions.


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