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Here Comes the Propaganda Effort by The Elephant's Child


“Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) said the confirmation of Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be “the single most powerful animating force”to especially woman voters in the upcoming midterm elections.”

Markey said, of the Republican base:

“It’s not as galvanized as the Democratic base. It’s not as galvanized as those who were outraged at the way in which Dr. Blasey Ford was treated before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the entire process for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. What we are seeing here is a historic uprising, especially of women in our country who really do feel that this president has to have a check be placed upon him. Otherwise preexisting conditions, which are protections for those who have health care needs, or the entire Affordable Care Act or Roe vs. Wade can all just be swept away. It can be completely overturned by Brett Kavanaugh’s vote on the Supreme Court. This is going to be a referendum on Donald Trump, on Brett Kavanaugh, on the key votes, which he can now cast, that undermines protections for women in our country and families in general.”

He went on trying to squeeze every possible thing about “the mistreatment” of Christine Blasey Ford before the committee, in a splendid example of Leftist propaganda straight from the propaganda shop. Sigh. Christine Blasey Ford was quite definitely not mistreated. She was respectfully referred to as Dr. Ford at every instance, and treated courteously by every questioner. Senator Grassley had offered to go to California to get her testimony since she professed to have a fear of flying, which was, of course a lie, as she regularly flies all over the world, including multiple trips to Hawaii. Not one single element of her testimony could be confirmed by the witnesses she offered. Nothing in her testimony checked out. The second front door, instead of an extra escape route turned out to be the door to an illegal (city ordinance) rental, and the psychologist who had rented it was located in Oregon. It was all, every bit, a lie, under oath.

Does anything go in the effort to win at the polls?  Probably.

Summing-Up, Fact Checking, Questioning, Digesting the News by The Elephant's Child

This seems to be a day of summing up. Trying to digest and make sense out of the past few weeks.Very much is about the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, and the battle therein, from scenes of screaming protesters (female) having to be dragged out of a senate hearing room, to embarrassing revelations of the mindset of members of the media or protesters and commentators.

NBC reporter Ken Dilanian tweeted today that “States with varying population sizes should not get the same representation in the U.S. Senate.” Not fair! He was quoting a Washington Post article that said “Senators representing less than half the U.S. are about to confirm a nominee opposed by most Americans.” Um. Constitution. Senate has equal representation for all 50 states, directly because the states with large populations could overrule those with small populations. Basic. You’re fired.

—Is it possible there is hope for some small segment of the media? At American Thinker, Tom Lifson is astonished by a headline and a news story from, of all places, CNN.

—Why Republicans and sane people are celebrating the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Here’s a tweet from a writer on the Stephen Colbert show, who has nearly 40,000 followers on Twitter. (Apparently not blocked) One Ariel Dumas:
“Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

—Heather MacDonald in a post at City Journal titled “Trauma and Truth” says the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court dealt the #Me Too and #Believe Survivors a major defeat. “Those feminist ideologies will continue wreaking havoc throughout American institutions—especially the claim that self-professed sexual assault victims deserve Unqualified belief.”

—A new well-funded Progressive group, linked to Democratic campaign organizations, is based on demonizing senior citizens. They have decided to attempt to turn younger voters against senior citizens. Identity group warfare is supposed to be another strategy for success at the polls. If they’ve got gray hair, attack them? The group in question is called ACRONYM according to CNN, Sept 24.

Acronym [is] a progressive nonprofit launched last year by veteran digital strategist Tara McGowan to help narrow the advantage Republicans had built in digital capacity.

A progressive group on Monday launched a $3 million voter registration campaign in the 36 states that allow online registration, with a focus on Arizona, Florida and Georgia, CNN reported.

Here’s their first campaign advertisement: Seems dumb to me, but they apparently have lots of financing.

—A 27 year-old congressional staffer has been arrested for posting on Wikipedia the private addresses of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, what’s called “doxing” or releasing the private information of public  figures, witness tampering, threats, identity theft, and unlawful entry. For the media, he is a hapless overzealous intern, but it was a criminal act, particularly in the current climate when everybody who is anybody is getting death threats.

—And finally, retired reporter Don Surber listened to President Trump’s version of the Six O’Clock News in Topeka, Kansas. He found it “less biased, more factual and presented better.” but decided he’d better fact-check the man.

It’s Not Possible In Democrat Eyes For Anyone to Be Guiltless by The Elephant's Child

Christine Blasey Ford’s whole story is falling apart. Nobody can confirm any of her stories about the party, including the woman who was her best friend. She said the other person at the party was Leland Keyser, who through her attorney says she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where Kavanaugh was present, with or without Ford. She said she had no knowledge of a supposed 1982 party or the accused Brett Kavanaugh. She does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and has no recollection of the incident in question.

The Senate Judiciary Committee reportedly met with two men who think that they assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, not Brett Kavanaugh. the committee staff had a second interview with the man. The committee has received testimony from a former boyfriend of Ford’s who says that he saw Ford giving instruction to another woman on how to manage and defeat a polygraph test. (Polygraphs are not admissible as evidence in a court of law.) The Rachel Mitchell testimony (she is the very experienced sex-crimes prosecutor from Maricopa County, Arizona) finds Ford’s testimony lacking. Newspapers did not publish any information about Mitchell’s testimony.

Ford’s story about the “second door” to her house has fallen apart as well. The> including the second door was completed under a building permit granted in 2008. From 1993 to July 2007 Dr, Sylvia Randall listed this address for her practice of psychotherapy, including couples therapy, until her move to Oregon in 2007.

We already know that she lied about her “fear of flying”. With Ford’s testimony falling apart, Democrats tried for the temperament thing, and that didn’t go over because it’s silly, so the Democrats are in hot pursuit of the idea of perjury, in that Kavanaugh lied in his testimony about his drinking at Yale, or somewhere or anywhere. Guy Benson at Townhall refutes Schumer’s speech and his hypocritical political speech on the whole process.

Democrats just cannot believe that anyone does not have a whole viable case of reprehensible actions just waiting to be discovered, and by golly, they are going to find the thing that will suffice to dump him, and force Trump to choose somebody else, so they can start this whole circus all over, keeping a Conservative off the Court until Democrat regain their well-deserved control over the lives of ordinary Americans.

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