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NOMINATE: Where should Keith Olbermann go next? by American Elephant
January 22, 2011, 2:41 pm
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Unbeknowst to 99.63% of Americans, there apparently exists an obscure little cable network called MSNBC; and on this quaint little Mom and Pop, “Public-Access” type outfit there exists, we are told, a most unfortunate talk show host by the Name of Keith Odorpants, who was apparently, just prior to airtime last night, summarily sacked for being an insufferable, arrogant prig.

These are hard times…hard times.

Now, we here at American Elephants hate to see people lose their jobs, especially the mentally handicapped, so we are asking you, our compassionate readers, where you would suggest the newly unemployed Mr. Odorpants might have the best chances of finding new employment that is appropriate for his special talents?

Help us help Keith. Leave your suggestions in the comments. We’ll get the ball rolling:

1. White House Civility Czar (shamelessly stolen from a commenter at GayPatriot)

2. Insufferable power-crazed authoritarian elementary school hall monitor.

3. Mouth of Sauron.


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