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Who Will Protect Union Members from Union Leadership? by The Elephant's Child
June 20, 2010, 2:08 am
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We have often complained here  about President Obama’s favoritism towards the unions who so vigorously supported his campaign. Politicians are inclined to overlook a great deal in their most generous supporters.

There was a time when working conditions left much to be desired, management was in some cases abusive, and newly formed unions came to help the working man.  On the other hand, unions have long been home to radicals. The history of the labor union movement is a violent one.

On the other hand, when I was newly married and my husband was in junior management at an industrial plant, labor-management relations seemed quite good until one day the union called a strike and men, who had the day before been cordial. were suddenly banging on cars, rocking them, threatening to turn them over and screaming. It made an impression on me.

The New York Post headlines their editorial “Union label: suckers!

Remember why unions were formed in the first place — to protect workers from being taken advantage of?  Nowadays, the rank-and-file mostly need protection from their own leadership.

Daniel Hughes, former head of the Field Supervisor Association representing Port Authority workers, pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court this week to looting $300,000. in members’ dues over five years.

The union heavyweight allegedly used the money for Queens hotel trysts with hookers, casino getaways and high-priced dinners.  A rare occurrence? Hardly.

The article goes on to enumerate a scandalous number of union officials making free with union members’ benefit funds and dues, and that’s just in the New York area.

Just last week there were stories in the news about Union leaders spending vast amounts of members’ dues to defeat candidates in primary elections to little avail.  If Obama is not around to bail out Union pension funds, will union members still have pension funds available?

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