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America the Clueless! Show Me the Evidence! by The Elephant's Child

The Pew Research Journalism Project is examining political polarization in the United State of 2014. The report was issued just two weeks before a crucial midterm election that will be widely read as a six-year verdict on Barack Obama’s performance in office and current agenda— whatever that is today. Some of their findings:

*Liberals draw information from a wider variety of media and express far more trust in more major media than do conservatives. (Perhaps because there is more liberal-oriented media)

*Liberals are much less tolerant than conservatives of political opinions differing from their own. Especially true on social media, where liberals consistently choose to Unfriend, Block, Mute or sever friendships with those whose politics they disagree with.

There is little in the survey that would surprise anyone paying attention. In America today it is virtually impossible to live in an ideological bubble. Most Americans rely on an array of outlets for political news, and many consistent conservatives and liberals hear dissenting political views in their everyday lives.

That those who express consistently conservative or consistently liberal opinions have different ways of informing themselves about politics and government is not surprising. But the depth of these divisions – and the differences between those who have strong ideological views and those who do not – are striking.

It is, nevertheless, an interesting survey. I’m not sure if it really captures the extent to which Liberals accept common Liberal wisdom without the slightest reference to research, or evidence? For example, Liberals seem to accept as gospel truth the idea that global warming is a massive problem that must be addressed, yet none seem to have read any of the science beyond accepting the common warmist talking points.

On the other hand, an informal survey of college students at Texas Tech found that students didn’t know who won the American Civil War, or in that case, even who fought in it, but they didn’t ask (thank goodness) when it was, for they clearly had no idea about that either. Couldn’t come up with who we severed our relationship with either, or when. We have some real problems with our public schools which are turning out ignorant kids.

What’s the Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives? by The Elephant's Child

Some time ago, I found some of these statements at  Bookworm Room, and copied them down because I thought they were clever, then  I added some of my own.  So here’s your chance — add your own— complain that they are not true — just be polite and watch your language.

Conservatives believe that  imperfect  human nature is fixed and common across all cultures.
Liberals believe that human nature is imperfect and needs to be fixed in order
to improve the culture.

Conservatives believe that programs that don’t work should be ended
to stop the spending.

Liberals believe that programs that  don’t work can be fixed by more spending.

Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions.
Liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts.

Liberals believe poverty leads to bad behavior.
Conservatives believe poverty is the consequence of bad behavior.

Conservatives believe in elevating people in the name of achievement
and betterment.

Liberals believe in devolving people to the lowest common denominator in the name
of social justice.

Conservatives believe America’s primary threats are foreign.
Liberals believe that America’s primary threats are domestic.

Liberals believe that wealth is a fixed value.
Conservatives believe that wealth is created.

Conservatives define generosity as giving of one’s own wealth.
Liberals define generosity as giving of other people’s wealth.

Liberals believe that competition should be discouraged because it makes
the loser feel bad.
Conservatives believe that competition should be encouraged because
it makes the loser work harder.

Liberals believe that most progress is made by the careful work of government bureaucracy.
Conservatives believe that most problems are made by the unintended consequences of the work of government bureaucracy.

Liberals believe that capitalism is unfair because some people become too rich.
Conservatives believe that capitalism offers everyone the opportunity
to become rich.

Conservatives believe that America is the Last Best Hope on Earth.
Liberals believe that with some Hope and lots of Change perhaps America
can be improved.

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