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Mobs Across the World: Middle East-Violent, Wisconsin-Vulgar. by The Elephant's Child

A voice from our neighbor to the north, David Warren writes about “Yankee Mobs:”

Wisconsin, and at least three dozen other states, face exactly the same challenge as states within the European Union, which have piled up debts that simply cannot be repaid, and are staring into bottomless chasms of public sector “entitlements.” Taxes have been pushed to the practical limit — beyond which private enterprise becomes pointless — and something has to give.Compounding this is the squalor of post-modern society, more advanced in Europe. Populations are aging rapidly, two full generations after a “sexual revolution” undermined both the Christian moral order that glued society together, and the demographic principle by which the aged and deceased were replaced by babies. This is further compounded, in the European case, by massive immigration of the culturally alien, into countries which have no “melting pot” experience.

The U.S. and Canada are not nearly as far gone, but we are headed unambiguously down the same road. And the Americans are displaying their “exceptionalism” again, by wrestling with these problems in an open way.

Yes, “squalor” would correctly describe the union mobs in Madison. And these are the people teaching America’s children? Squalid indeed. No teacher who was part of a howling mob, screaming and waving signs of disgusting vulgarity can expect to regain the respect of their students. They have forfeited it. Asked to pay a small portion of their own costs in order to save the jobs of their fellows, their answer has been – No! me! me! me!

David Warren goes on to explain what he sees as our saving grace, our formalized adversarial order that so many, so often decry.

I promised to complete the circle, and here is my try.  It is just possible, in the U.S. and  the West, to confront problems that would overwhelm a country, because organized oppositions exist.

Republicans are waiting when Democrats fail, and vice versa.  It is because of the long history, not so much of “democracy” per se, but of a formalized adversarial order, that such a chance exists.

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