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Maryland Democrats go After Guns Through Your Kids by Emerald City Elephant

Two Maryland Democrats, Barbara Frush and Virginia Clagett, have introduced a bill in that state’s legislature to ban the government from granting hunting licenses to anyone under the age of 13.

Right now, the State of Maryland issues “junior licenses” to children under 16 who pass a firearms and hunter safety course.

“The bill is a deliberate attempt to sabotage the future of hunting,” said Rob Sexton of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, a group that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers. “If passed, this bill will have a devastating effect on recruiting young hunters and the future of wildlife conservation in Maryland.” Hunting license fees go toward conservation programs.

According to the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, research shows that people are far less likely to take up hunting after age twelve. “Parents, not the government, are far more equipped to know when their sons and daughters are ready to hunt,” said Sexton. [read more]

No need was cited for this law. No pressing issue. They just want to get rid of guns. If there is anything liberals know, its that if they can’t get what they want now, all they have to do is use the power of governement to force their values on your kids, and they will get what they want in a generation.

Look for similar bills to be coming soon to a liberal legislature near you.

First Snow by American Elephant
December 1, 2007, 8:06 pm
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first snow

We had our first snow of the season here in the Seattle area today. It was a little reluctant to stick at first, but it was coming down pretty heavy and volume eventually won out. Everything blanketed in a layer of crisp white.

Unfortunately, snow rarely sticks around in Seattle. Forecast is for rain tomorrow.

Easy come, easy go.

Oh well, maybe it will come again in time for Christmas.

Grandma ARRESTED for not watering lawn by American Elephant
September 19, 2007, 8:25 am
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Betty Perry

The Nanny State on crack:

OREM – Betty Perry pleaded innocent Tuesday to charges she failed to water her lawn and resisted arrest when an officer attempted to cite her…

“Today, law enforcement in Orem has enshrined itself as the laughing stock of our country by prosecuting a 70-year-old great-grandmother for allegedly not watering her lawn,” Allred said. “This ill-conceived action ensures Orem’s law enforcement authorities first place in the [Guinness World Records] for stupidity.”


My former Representative, Jennifer Dunn, died today by American Elephant
September 5, 2007, 4:02 pm
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Former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn

What a sad and shocking day.

I had just learned of the passing of Ohio Congressman, Paul Gillmor, and was reading the news reports when I was shocked to find at the end of one the articles that my own former congresswoman, Jennifer Dunn, also died today.

Representative Dunn was a statesman, a stalwart conservative and an elegant lady, and we are grateful for her service to our district, Washington State, the Republican party and the nation. Among her many, many accomplishments, Representative Dunn led the charge on welfare reform, the Amber Alert system, and the repeal of the estate tax. We will miss her and our prayers go to her family and loved ones.

Former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn, one of the state’s most prominent Republican figures for more than two decades, died unexpectedly Tuesday night. She was 66.

Ms. Dunn suffered a pulmonary embolism and collapsed in her Alexandria, Va., apartment and never regained consciousness, her family said in a statement. She died later at the hospital, where she was surrounded by family members.

“We’re just trying to pull ourselves together,” said her son, Reagan Dunn, a King County councilman. “It was a total shock.

“She gave her whole life giving to other people. She touched a lot of lives and did a lot for her country.”

Ms. Dunn served six terms in the U.S. House, from 1993 to 2005, representing Washington’s Eighth District, which includes Bellevue, much of east King County and part of Pierce County. She became the first woman to serve on the House Republican leadership team.

She retired from politics in 2005 and went to work for a lobbying firm in Washington, D.C.

Before serving in Congress, Ms. Dunn became the first woman elected as chair of a state Republican Party — a position she held from 1981 to 1992.

News of Ms. Dunn’s death shocked Republicans and Democrats alike.

“I’m just stunned,” said Brett Bader, a Republican consultant from Bellevue. “It’s like a whole generation of Republicans have lost their mom. She was that giant of a figure.”

“I feel terrible for her family,” said U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, who has known Ms. Dunn since they were teenagers. “They should be very proud of all she accomplished and the way she did it.”

Dicks, D-Bremerton, described Ms. Dunn as a fiercely loyal Republican but said she was always willing to work together when the state’s interests were at stake. He cited their efforts at reducing international trade barriers and support for Boeing.

“Her passing is a loss for all Washingtonians,” Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire said in a written statement. “She was a devoted wife and mother and always kept her family as her top priority. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.”

In Congress, Ms. Dunn served as a member of the Ways and Means Committee, vice chairwoman of the Homeland Security Committee and a member of the Republican caucus campaign team.

She was a frequent spokeswoman for the House, once giving the Republican response to a State of the Union address by then-President Bill Clinton. She helped run three Republican national conventions. She was elected to the U.S. House in 1992, the year Clinton was elected president, and easily beat back a series of Democratic challengers for her seat. [read more]

Leaders react to the passing of Representative Dunn.

Seattle Times photo gallery of Representative Dunn.

Seattle P.I. coverage.

Welcome to Bellevue, Mr. President! by American Elephant


On a happier note, two of the best men in Washington DC will be in my home town today. My Congressman, Dave Reichert, and President Bush. The President is in town to do a fund raiser for Reichert, who Democrats are targeting heavily (we live in a swing district). I’ve already gotten a slew of dishonest, sleazy automated phone calls and misleading mailers. The DNC is working hard to take his seat and they’re pouring money into his opponent’s campaign from out of state.

You may remember Reichert as the Sheriff who solved the Green River Killer serial killer case. He was a great Sheriff and he’s a great congressman. If you’re looking for solid, honorable conservatives to get behind, if you want more solid conservatives in congress, make a contribution to Dave Reichert’s campaign.

Reichert is strong on defense, a strong fiscal conservative—as a former highly respected Sherriff, hes a law and order man, who believes in enforcing the law—including immigration law. Reichert is one of the few in congress who has sworn off earmarks! He’s balanced and rational on energy, and the environment, believes in small government and market based solutions for healthcare, and he’s as honest, and ethical as they come. I make him sound like a boy scout, and honestly, he probably was. Reichert is a great man, a great Representative, a good person, and a real up and comer.

I hope you will consider contributing to his campaign. The GOP needs more men like him, and as I said, Democrats are targeting his seat heavily.

I will go down today to show my support, and provide some balance to all the smelly commie hippies that will be there to protest. Hopefully I can get a good look at the motorcade. If you’ve never seen a presidential motorcade go by, try to. They are very exciting to see. The road’s cleared of all other traffic, dozens of police, and the motorcade itself, lights flashing, all travelling very fast, even on surface streets. Anyway, my luck, I’ll be on the wrong side of the building!

Whose side are they on? by Emerald City Elephant

The blithering idiocy of liberalism and political correctness rear their ugly heads once again in Seattle…

suspicious men staking out ferriesThe FBI has released photographs of two men that have been seen engaged in suspicious activity on several Washington State ferries, as reported by numerous citizens and ferry employees. Last year, the Justice Department named the Washington State Ferry system as the No. 1 target for maritime terrorism. The Captain of one ferry found their behavior so suspicious that he snapped this photograph. The FBI has said the men seemed, “overly interested in the workings and layouts of the ferries.”

However, both the Seattle Post Intelligencer and the Seattle Times refused to publish the photographs citing “civil liberties” and “privacy” concerns. Never mind that Washington Ferries are part of the public highway system, and no one has any reasonable expectation of privacy on them, and never mind that the men had been accused of no crimes…non-existent “civil liberties” trump the public safety at both papers.

And lest you think that the PI was serious in their deliberation, note that instead of the photographs, the PI chose to run a haiku contest about the story.

Keep in mind also that while the PI wouldn’t run the photographs of potential terrorists to protect their identity, it is the same paper that ran front page stories accusing a man of having sex with his dog, then later buried the revelation that his wife made the whole thing up. They stood up for James Ujaama, who recently confessed to terrorism charges. You may also remember that the Seattle Times newsroom erupted in cheers when Rove resigned last week.

I’m from Seattle, I know these people and these papers very well. The Times is a very liberal paper, the PI is outright left-wing-lunatic. Both papers oppose the Bush administration, and I guarantee therein lies their refusal to cooperate. The FBI reports to Bush, therefore the Times and PI will not cooperate. Period.

Finally, I’d like to submit my own haiku to the PI:

    Explosion on board!
    Screaming, sinking, drowning, death!
    Didn’t have to be.

Liberalism: the Brave New World by Emerald City Elephant

Hempfest 2007

Seattleites converge on the city’s Myrtle Edwards Park to give human testament to the findings of recent scientific studies and decades old warnings.

Hempfest 2007 brings out the Democrat base in the Emerald City, and American Digest was there to capture every dazed, confused and deeply disturbing moment in glorious digital color (with fabulous snarky commentary). Check it out, dude.

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