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Lopez Obrador Will be The New President of Mexico by The Elephant's Child

AMLO, Lopéz Obrador, the far left candidate, has apparently won the presidency of Mexico in today’s election. According to Telesur, the 2018 election season has been one of the country’s deadliest. Since the campaign season started in September, 133 politicians have been killed.

There are 80 million registered voters and millions of ballots have been sent across the country along with international observers for the election, which could see an upset for the ruling political class with leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador out in front.

This is the third time Lopez Obrador has run for the presidency. After losing in previous votes, he has alleged vote rigging and electoral manipulation. At a news conference in Mexico City Friday, electoral officials talked up the strength of the vote in Mexico and urged the country’s registered voters to get out and participate.

The opposition candidates have conceded. The website says that 12 percent of the votes will be counted by midnight, so it’s pretty overwhelming. The Wall Street Journal says AMLO “ran as an outsider, pledging to end corruption, upend the establishment in politics and economics—which he called “mafias of power”—and use subsidies to lift the poor, especially in rural areas. He said he would make Mexicans better off by assigning the state a larger role in the economy.”

Mr. López Obrador’s challenge will be keeping those supporters happy without derailing Mexico’s economic progress under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Except for some of Mexico’s crony capitalists, entrepreneurial Mexico largely opposed his candidacy.

The most extreme fear is that AMLO will attempt to consolidate power a la Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. But Mexico has made considerable economic and political progress in 30 years of reform presidencies. The Mexican government doesn’t hold the oil power that Chávez had, and a Mexican president is constrained by his country’s obligations under Nafta—unless President Trump tears it up. Financial markets will also vote on AMLO’s government each day through foreign-exchange markets and the value of the peso.

If you scroll down on the link to telesur,  you will find a video with English translation explaining the violence in the election.é


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