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There’s a Problem With Pedestals by The Elephant's Child

The news, again today, is all about the Mueller Report. The media, in general,  are trying desperately to figure out what to say. They have managed to prove the suggestions by the President that they are committing “fake news,” and indeed they have been. Congressional Democrats are trying to impune the reputation of Attorney General Barr as if he must have misrepresented the actual Mueller Report in his letter to Congress. It is not possible, you see, that President Trump did not collude, because they have so much invested in the idea that he did. Adam Schiff is embarrassing.

There is lots more to come – eventually. There is an Inspector General’s report on the Justice Department to come, and all the usual suspects want to keep investigating until they do find something. Congress wants to see the Mueller Report with their own eyes, assuming they can find something really really bad that Mr. Mueller didn’t notice.  Kim Strassel at the Wall Street Journal has done an excellent job with this mess, and concludes that a major investigation into the FBI is needed. Andy McCarthy, as an experienced prosecutor, has been an invaluable source of sanity, and Victor Davis Hanson’s column today is not to be missed.

I want to add something that seems to me to be pertinent. I think way too many people tend to put a president on a pedestal, and that is a mistake. A president is someone we elect for four years to manage the country. If he or she does a good job, we might give him or her another four years to try to fix things. But the candidates from whom we select our president are only ordinary human beings with all the flaws and foibles and quirks that come with being human.

Republicans are as bad as Democrats at the pedestal part. Many Republicans made a pilgrimage to the Reagan Library for just that reason.  Some presidents are loved more than others. Reagan applied some pure capitalism to a troubled economy and created a boom, and always had a self-effacing quip or joke to help the medicine go down. So many remember him more fondly. We just need to remember the ordinary human being part. We ask a lot of them, and don’t always treat them well. Pedestals just create extra problems.

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