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I Thought Political Correctness Was Simply Annoying, I Didn’t Realize It Was A Major Advance In The Left’s War on American Freedom by The Elephant's Child

Yesterday, I got slapped upside the head, and I want to do the same to you. You’ll have to do a bit of reading and listening, but the current political campaign is missing the point, and we need to understand just what the hell is going on.

I began with an article by Dr. Michael Ledeen, who seems to have an inside track to the administration in Iran, so I always pay attention. His article was titled Idiocy AND Ideology? What Really Drives Obama? That’s about where I was, trying to do some armchair psychoanalysis, trying to grasp why Obama was doing what he was doing. (Read the links and watch the video)

The “ideology” part stuck in my mind because I’d just written about political correctness and Michelle Obama’s speech at a Democratic Convention: She said Barack “spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about ‘The world as it is’ and ‘The world as it should be.’ All of us are driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do — that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.” There’s the ideology. But as much as the Left believes in bringing about the world ‘as it should be’— it won’t work. Socialism never works because there is no utopia at the end of fixing the world. We are still ordinary fallible human beings who have trouble getting along and possess all the faults that go along with being human.

Barack Obama really took to his training in the Alinsky method. His trainers said that he was the best student they had ever had, and it all boils down to how to manipulate people into the revolution that will bring about the world as it should be. Utopia—the impossible dream that has captured so many, and has resulted in 700% inflation in Venezuela and no toilet paper. Or for that matter Cuba, with dissidents shot regularly, and all those quaint cars from the 1950s.

Then I came across “The Return of Socialism” by Ben Domenech, who explains where we are right now. The Millennials think Socialism would be dandy, since they have no idea what it is, and really go for the idea of a free college education for all — instead of massive student debt for a college degree that doesn’t seem to be even getting them jobs. They don’t have the background or knowledge to know what Socialism is. Bernie really doesn’t either. He wants us to be like Denmark. But in America  a new Honda Accord costs around $22,000, in Denmark a new Honda Accord costs around $44,000, so most people just don’t have cars.

Next I got another whack to my head from MIT computer genius David Gerlernter: “The Elephant in the Room.” He said that what voters are really angry about is political correctness. I had just written a post on the political correctness of “diversity,” — I’ve been writing about political correctness forever, (more than 72 posts) but I always dismissed it as random stupidity — not a radical war to change the culture.

Who could imagine trying to run the military on “renewable fuels” like wind and solar — because petroleum is politically incorrect — but that is what Obama has ordered the military to do.

The evidence is all there, we’re annoyed, angered, but I’m sure that I’m not the last one that is not putting it all together. But then  I came across this video, from 2012, which I had saved because it is so important—which links it all together. Watch the whole 12 minutes.

There it is: The Frankfurt School at Columbia, where Barack Obama got his undergraduate degree, (the academic records never released). “The Narrative” which is daily attempting to change the way we think and believe. We know the redefinition of words is nonsense, but it is a war on American individual liberty and national freedom infecting every corner of society,  changing American culture right before our eyes, in ways that we do not want it changed! We are at war, and we don’t recognize it.

Marco Rubio spoke out forcefully in New Hampshire about how Obama was trying to transform America. He repeated it three times — forcefully, and meant it. And it’s true. Can’t have that mentioned by a Republican candidate. Marco Rubio was promptly transformed by the leftist media into “a robot,” someone who memorizes his lines and then just mindlessly repeats them. A theme that was repeated in the media endlessly. No. He told an unacceptable truth that directly attacked “The Narrative.” You will be told how to think about that incident. That’s the way it works — you will be bullied into silence.

We have a president who cannot call Islamic terrorism even ‘Islamic’, it becomes ‘violent extremism’. Some agency in the government of Washington state just ruled that all public bathrooms in the state must become open to all sexes. What?

The biggest one, of course, was the Fort Hood massacre when Major Nidal Hasan was clearly observed to be a dangerous jihadist, but nobody could say so because it would be politically incorrect, so 13 people were killed and 32 seriously wounded, not just because Major Hasan could not be called a jihadist because it might offend, but nobody on the Fort Hood military base was allowed to be armed, again because all those weapons might offend. The inability to carry weapons killed a lot of our soldiers in Afghanistan, and at that recruiting office in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where 4 Marines and 1 sailor were shot, because people might be offended by seeing guns at a military recruiting office.

Our kids are being taught social justice (a nonsense phrase) in high school, they are indoctrinated with the idea that the Earth is endangered (by the natural warming and cooling of the planet). They learn history from Howard Zinn’s little Communist propaganda book that falsely twists everything about American culture into something evil, racist, bigoted, or corrupt.  They cannot write a letter because cursive handwriting is no longer being taught. They are painfully ignorant of history, geography, economics, and professors complain that they are poorly prepared for college, where they will rack up huge student loans to learn about the evils of America, the rape culture, white privilege, women’s studies, more social justice, and the evils of our economic system. Here’s what one business student learned, in business school.

Our founders were well aware of the oppression of a monarch 3,500 miles across the entire Atlantic Ocean, the rights they had as British citizens under the Magna Charta were being denied,and they fought a revolution to be free of it. They devised a form of government that was elected and directed by the people, responsible to the people and left the people free to make of their little country what they would.

It is quite astonishing what a free people and free markets can do. That freedom and those free people are quite frightening to the governments of the world — because allowing such freedom means losing their own power.

Some Americans are hoping the brash huckster from New York will fix what has gone wrong. He has sneered at political correctness, but they misunderstand just who he is. Daniel Greenfield spells it out in To Understand Trump, You Have to Understand New York,” another must read. We tried having a president whose greatest need was to enhance his own ego, and it was painful. Let’s not do that again.

Our culture is being changed right under our noses. We know it’s wrong, that it will lead nowhere, that “The Narrative” is a lie.  Socialism never, never works and has never worked anywhere, yet the Utopian dream lingers. Violent Muslim jihadists are released from Guantanamo to return to the fight because Obama thinks the world believes it to be a place where innocent prisoners are tortured. He believes the Middle East will be more peaceful when the more cosmopolitan Iranians are running the place, and since they care about their families just like we do, they would never actually use nuclear weapons. The world not as it is, they’re fighting for “the world as it should be” but there’s is no utopia at the end of “fixing” the world — just another exercise in futility and ruin for us all. It always ends in misery.

Michelle Obama’s One-Size-Fits-All School Lunch Guidelines Echo Her Husband’s Approach. by The Elephant's Child

It seems odd. but there are fads in issues as well as fashions. When’s the last time you heard a rant about childhood obesity? The First Lady took that one on as her personal project. First Ladies apparently must have a “project.” Lady Belle Johnson was enthusiastic about wildflowers, Laura Bush promoted childhood reading, Nancy Reagan took on drug abuse. I cannot remember what if anything was Hillary’s project. I remember that she was quite determined to be a “co-president” along with her husband — which didn’t go over well with the public at all.

Michelle Obama took on childhood obesity as her special project, and supported new rules that would restrict calories and limit portion sizes in school meals. Her ideas suffered from the same problems as her husband’s. “One size fits all” didn’t fit the nation’s school children. The calorie restrictions and smaller portions left kids who were active sports participants hungry. The food police rejected lunches prepared at home that did not fit the new USDA guidelines, making many parents furious.  There was little recognition of the foods that kids like. If you have ever visited a school lunch room at lunchtime, you will have seen the enormous waste as kids throw away the foods that they don’t like.

I can sympathize. I still remember scraping the tomato aspic off my plate into the napkin in my lap while a confederate distracted the nun’s attention. I don’t know if she was fooled, but we all hated tomato aspic, and probably all still do till this day.

The modified meals, which took effect starting with the 2012 school year, were aimed to limit fat and salt, curb portion sizes and boost fruit and vegetable servings. Under the guidelines, half of breads and other grain-based foods offered must contain whole grains until the start of the 2014 school year, when all such foods must be whole-grain.

Schools that adopted the changes got more money back from the federal government, in part to offset the higher prices of “healthier foods.” Read that as the heavy hand of government will direct what your child eats, or you will pay! Children cannot possibly make proper choices without government control.

There is some question about governmental estimates of obesity and overweight. The guidelines may be all one size, but kids aren’t. Some kids are small and skinny by nature. Others are stocky, but not fat. Obesity estimates seem to have come from Body Mass Index (BMI) guesstimate or measurements which were not meant to serve such a purpose. Some kids get their growth early, and tower over others who are the same age.

Over time, those who produce school lunches have learned a lot about what kids like — pizza for example. Pizza can be healthy food, and a good way to get the vegetables down. The standards have not been ended, but “relaxed.” Kids will get more meat and increased weekly maximum amounts for grains and meat alternatives.  School districts can serve larger portions without penalty.

The other part of the equation is recess and activity. For a while, at least, competition was out, as were competitive sports. It was thought that having ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ was bad for the kids self-esteem, which ended up reducing the activity in recess.  That last sentence in the previous paragraph should cause any parent major anxiety. “School districts can serve larger portions without penalty.”  How did we get here?

The “Crisis” in the School Lunchroom. by The Elephant's Child

CBS News reported:

Speaking at Monday’s signing ceremony for the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act”–a law that will subsidize and regulate what children eat before school, at lunch, after school, and during summer vacations in federally funded school-based feeding programs–First Lady Michelle Obama said of deciding what American children should eat:  “We can’t just leave it up to the parents.

There they go with the clever naming.  The poor kids were starving to death before Michelle arrived to see that they eat their veggies.  How did what our schools serve for lunch become a federal concern? It’s” For the Children.”

We have school boards locally elected by the people of the district.  We have a district Superintendent of Schools and a State Superintendent of Schools.

The times I’ve visited school at lunchtime, the amount of good food going into the trash cans was amazing.  And I can remember when we were served tomato aspic, as a healthy choice for 9 or 10 year-olds.  It was someone’s job to distract the teacher in charge so we could all scrape the disgusting stuff off into napkins in our laps, which we deposited in the trash.  They never caught on that all our plates were suddenly empty at the same time.  Or maybe they hated the stuff too.

No birthday celebrations, no bake sales, no money-raising  efforts. Is this an end to Girl Scout cookies?  Out with the vending machines, and apples and carrots for everyone.  I think parents have a right to decide all by themselves what they want their children to eat, or not eat, without the help of the federal government.

Gastronomical Nirvana? by American Elephant
September 15, 2010, 3:53 pm
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Texas chef invents deep-fried beer.

Michelle Obama is undoubtedly already working to ban it.

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