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The First Half of 2015 Has Been the Most Intense Period of Terrorist Plotting Since 9/11 by The Elephant's Child


(The Imam Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait City after a suicide
bomber killed at least 25 Shiite worshipers at prayer)

Peter Brooks, senior fellow for national security affairs at the Heritage Foundation wrote today that: We have had nine terrorist plots this year in the United States. So far all of the plots in 2015 have had ties to ISIS off in Iraq and Syria, whether the plotters were direct (recruited by ISIS) or indirect (inspired by ISIS). FBI Director James Comey said in February, that his agency is investigating Islamic State-related cases in all 50 states.

They heavily use social media, using publicly available encryption found on the internet to chat in complete privacy. They can hide their computer IP addresses, and are moving over to the so-called “dark web” where a lot of very bad actors reside. Their technology is pretty good, their propaganda is increasingly capable of reaching and radicalizing those here who would do us harm.

In Britain, Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, the former Chief of the Defense Staff, has warned that Muslim extremism is a “real threat” to the world, and he condemned dithering politicians who are too reluctant to lead the way. He warned that a “hell of a lot of damage” is going to be wreaked by ISIS in coming years, and leaders are failing to plan properly. “I think the problem is that we have not seen that we need to approach the issue of Muslim extremism  as we might approach World War Two back in the Thirties.

He said “Right now, in the ranks of the armed forces, and the army in particular, are the most experienced, battle hardened people since the end of the Second World War.

Jihadists like anniversaries, so their three terror attacks took place on the eve of ISIS declaration of a caliphate last June 29. They only took  credit for one of the atrocities — a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque in Kuwait, where 27 people were killed, but all going off at the same time.Ramadan began last week, and an ISIS spokesman called on “mujahadeen everywhere” to make it “a month of disasters for the infidels.”

In Tunisia, a gunman posing as a tourist  killed at least 37 people, most European vacationers at a beach resort. In France, a car-bombing attempt at an American-owned chemical plant near Lyon failed to cause major damage, but not before the attacker planted the decapitated head of his boss on the plant’s gate, along with an Islamic flag.

President Obama recently deployed 450 additional trainers to help the Iraqi army fight, but they aren’t getting enough Iraqi volunteers, which in the wake of ISIS drowning captives, removing heads, burning in cages is not really surprising when the Americans have such restrictive Rules of Engagement, and have demonstrated that they are undependable allies. ISIS is a direct threat to the West as well as to the region in general, and it needs to be dealt with that way.

Obama’s view of the Middle East and ISIS isn’t a policy for dealing with this problem. As he explained, he doesn’t have a complete strategy yet.  Little late in the game for developing one.

Obama Wants Defense Cuts Which Will Endanger the Nation. by The Elephant's Child

President Obama said today that “the only thing” allowing sequestration to proceed  is Republicans unwillingness to raise taxes on “the rich.” Uh huh.

OBAMA: Nobody wants sequestration to happen. This was set up as an inducement for Congress to do the right thing, to reduce the deficit by an additional $1.2 billion [sic], and the only thing that’s standing in the way of getting this done right now is the unwillingness on the part of some members of Congress and folks in the Republican Party to give up on some tax breaks for folks like me who don’t need them.

Most “solemn responsibility” indeed. See here. He speaks about”running two wars on a credit card” with no mention of running wasteful stimulus, foolish alternative energy, and billions of wasted taxpayer dollars. He seems unaware that his policies have put the nation in deep financial trouble, and sequestration would put us in national security peril. His “Arab Spring” has turned incredibly dangerous, his precipitous pull-out in Iraq and Afghanistan has been deadly for the servicemen whose lives he claims to care about. It is a very dangerous world out there, and Obama has made it much more so.

His vaunted tax increase on “the rich” which includes some rich people as well as 1.2 million small businesses who report their business income as individuals. Those businesses are usually the engine of growth that brings an economy out of recession, but Obama has dumped on them with threatened tax increases, tax increases in ObamaCare, overregulation from the EPA and every other department of the government. This is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. There is an extreme risk that it will send the economy back into recession — we’re not far from that now.

The level of sheer incompetence is breathtaking.

Comes news that a State Department advisory board report made public today, shows that the Obama administration is studying cuts in U.S. strategic arsenals to “very low” levels and ultimately eliminating nuclear arms.

According to the report, the board studied “an end state defined by the narrower issue of a world with drastically reduced (and ultimately eliminated) nuclear arsenals, and associated reductions in security challenges which could drive nations to the acquisition and/or use of nuclear weapons.”

Another concept examined by the board was working to create a future that is “a cooperative world of ‘increased transparency and trust’ without ‘adversarial challenges’ in which [nuclear deterrence] is no longer necessary.”

The report said that the cooperative world scenario “may be unrealistic to achieve in an acceptable timeframe” and focused instead on how to cut nuclear arsenals.

The report calls for conciliatory policies toward Russia and dialogue involving “cooperative security” efforts designed to reduce the risk of a nuclear conflict.

Do read the whole thing.  “A cooperative world of ‘increased transparency and trust’ indeed. Perhaps the most frightening thing about Barack Obama is that he does not change his mind. He decided somewhere, maybe back in high school that war was bad and nuclear weapons shouldn’t be allowed, and he hasn’t learned anything since.

Obama wants to raise taxes on “the rich” which will do approximately nothing to reduce the deficit, and may move us back into real recession; and he will blackmail Republicans who feel that protecting the nation actually has value. As I said: The level of sheer incompetence is breathtaking.

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