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They Just Do Not Know What They Are Doing, It’s That Simple. by The Elephant's Child

To save us from the horrors of global warming, the administration has gone to great lengths to promote electric cars, and hybrids, subsidize their manufacture, offer big tax credits, the government has mandated  better gas mileage, and a bad economy and high gas prices have dictated that people start watching how much they drive. When you issue a lot of regulations and mandates there are always consequences. In this case, with less driving, there is far less money coming in the form of gas taxes.

So what next? Will more and more people opt for electric cars or hybrids? Fiskers has given up, the Volt is apparently a flop that catches fire, and a Tesla turns into a brick if the battery runs down. Is there any resale value? The batteries are horrendously expensive. Hybrid and electric cars are sparing the environment by issuing less CO2. On the other hand, CO2 is not the cause of global warming, and in a cooling world more CO2 will help crops to grow.

Hybrids and electric cars do just as much wear and tear on the roads as any gas-powered vehicle, but they are not paying their share of gas taxes. So naturally, states are debating just how to tax electrics so they are paying “their fair share”.

Add in the fact that to promote the use of bicycles, States and local governments have used gas tax money to pay for bike lanes, animal overpasses or underpasses, freeway art, and rest stops that they can’t seem to keep open and functioning.  Here in Washington state, electric-car owners began paying a $100 annual fee. Virginia has approved a $64 annual fee on hybrid and electric cars. Arizona,  Texas, Indiana, North Carolina are all considering fees. Copycat legislatures. And if someone else is doing it first, then they have an excuse. Expect big hikes in the fees.

The electric cars that were subsidized with taxpayer money (for cars costing over $100,000) don’t sell as well as hoped, even though we offered tax credits as an incentive to buy. And to reduce the damage from CO2 we used taxpayer money to subsidize wind and solar energy, but they cost far more than conventional power, which is the engine that powers our economy. People aren’t excited about wind and solar, so we try to force all the coal-fired power plants out of business, which means thousands of more jobs lost, so there is less taxpayer money coming in. And now there is less tax money coming in from the subsidized buyers of hybrid and electric cars.

If you tried to graph the mandates that kill jobs, the subsidies that don’t work — except to enrich  the president’s cronies — the regulations that mean less tax income, and the need to increase tax income because the government spent it all on subsidies, you might well go mad in the process. In both senses — crazy and furious. It all makes no sense. These people do not know what they are doing, and they are making a mess of everything they touch.

When the government finally gives up on the vast solar arrays and the onshore and offshore wind farms, will the failed promoters have to take them down and restore the landscape? Didn’t think so. Many of the enthusiastically installed charging stations for electric cars have already been torn out. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and we are asked to pay the cost.

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