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President Obama Spoke at the UN Today. by The Elephant's Child

The president spoke to the United Nations this morning. Jennifer Rubin described it nicely:

President Obama is so soaked in the State Department/Western European/ leftist intellectual goo of moral relativism and disdain for core American values that I doubt he understood how offensive were his remarks  at the United Nations today.

The Washington Post headline captured the spirit: “Attacks on U.S. missions and diplomats violated ideals.” Mmm. Strong words. He condemns intolerance,  We must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences, and not defined by them. You can read the whole thing at the links. I did, and do not feel rewarded by the experience. It was about what you’d expect.

He could not come out and say it was a terrorist attack. We are doing everything the Islamists supposedly want us to do. He has gotten out of Iraq. He is getting out of Afghanistan. He has pandered and apologized. It was NOT about the video. The video is and was an excuse. Muslims are rioting all over the Middle East, and even burning Obama in effigy. Why — when he has done everything they want?

Because he is projecting weakness. They don’t think we’ll do anything except make nice speeches about violating ideals.

Can Obama still believe that there is only turmoil in the Middle East because Israel and Palestine haven’t made peace? And who will stop the Palestinians from shooting Rockets at Israel and teaching their little children to hate?


A Word for our Friends by The Elephant's Child

John Howard

John Howard, the former prime minister of Australia, was honored by the American Enterprise Institute last Wednesday at a gala dinner, where he delivered the Irving Kristol lecture.

In the protracted struggle against Islamic extremism there will be no stronger weapon than the maintenance by western liberal democracies of a steadfast belief in the continuing worth of our own national value systems. And where necessary a soaring optimism about the future of freedom and democracy .

We should not think that by trading away some of the values which have made us who we are will buy us either immunity from terrorists or respect from noisy minorities.

If the butter of common national values is spread too thinly it will disappear altogether.

We should not forget that it is the values of our societies that terrorists despise most. That is why we should never compromise on them.

The entire speech is available here. It is worth reading the whole thing. Prime Minister Howard has been a very good friend to the United States. We don’t express our appreciation for the Aussies often enough or loudly enough, just as we often forget to show our gratitude to our own family members. Thank you, dear friends.

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