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Nutroot Schadenfreude by American Elephant

Democrats have finally capitulated, after years of lies and demagoguery, to President Bush’s and Republican’s view of FISA laws and presidential authority to conduct warrantless wiretaps in the interests of national security. The 69-28 vote wasn’t even close. Obama’s promised filibuster didn’t materialize. Indeed, he voted for it.

But why did it pass so overwhelmingly when Democrats have been so hysterical over it? How is it possible that president Bush could win when his approval ratings are so low, you ask?

Because Democrats were pandering to their deranged base, they put the nation through all this division and animus for political expediency, and because in the end, President Bush was right, Republicans were right, Democrats were wrong, and they knew it all along.

Naturally, there is much wailing, rending of clothes, pulling of hair, and gnashing of teeth among the MoveOn and Dailykos types.

To which all I can say is: NEENER NEENER NEENER!!!!!

MoveOn.Org Gets “Owned” by American Elephant

I don’t know if you saw or heard about the truly ridiculous and despicable ad by in which a mother (or an actress with a child) again misrepresents John McCain’s statements on Iraq, and then tells him basically, “you cant take my baby!” (You can watch the ad here.)

Now, a young military wife has filmed her own ad in response. Ania Egland grew up under communism and is the proud wife of Eric Egland who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ania’s ad simply blows MoveOn out of the water! What an enormous difference between her optimistic, selfless love of country, and MoveOn’s dishonest, selfish, self-righteous, and frankly, immature, hate and bitterness.

I hope everyone who saw the MoveOn ad will see this one. It really epitomizes the difference between the right and left in this country, and the stark difference this election represents.

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