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Nanny State Alert by Emerald City Elephant

Terminating liberty. Caleeforneeah has declared war on the dastardly trans-fats.

I would like it very much if someone of the liberal persuasion (and, yes, this is one of the many instances in which Schwarzenegger divorces himself from conservatism and embraces liberal policy) could explain to me why they — not everyone else — but why they personally need the government to tell them what they can and cannot eat.

Update: As if the Nanny-Statism isn’t bad enough, it turns out, as usual, there’s no scientific basis for the hysteria in the first place:

The FDA, after spending years reviewing all available evidence on trans fats, said in its July 9, 2003, 260-page ruling (Docket No. 94P-0036), that any fears of a public health concern from the small amounts of trans fats in our diets were not supported by the evidence. These fatty acids haven’t been shown to be better or worse than any other dietary fat. The FDA expert panel specifically stated that trans fats needn’t be eliminated from the diet and they refused to establish a daily recommended intake due to lack of evidence. They agreed to add trans fats to food labels, but only after explaining it was only in response to a relentless, decade-long activist campaign. But those labels are being used by certain interests as proof that trans fats hold some health danger that’s imperative to control. [read more]

Arrrgh! At what point do Americans get fed up with losing their liberties to hysterical liberal overreaction to junk science?

What is happening to America? by American Elephant

Legislators in Mississippi have introduced a bill to forbid Restaurants from serving fat people. The State apparently now gets to decide how much you are allowed to weigh. (Full disclosure: I’m tall and skinny, but am outraged with how unabashedly government now steals our liberties.)

New York and other municipalities have banned trans-fats, banned smoking in private businesses, some are considering banning smoking in private cars. Califonia has introduced a bill to allow the State to control your home’s thermostat by remote! Democrats in congress have banned the common light bulb!

Democrats want to require that you must buy health insurance whether you want it or not. And believe me, if Democrats succeed in passing universal health care, trans-fat and restaurant laws will only be the beginning of an excruciatingly long list of attacks on your personal liberty in the name of “your best interests.”

In England the State decides if you will receive life-saving treatment or not.  If you want a life-saving treatment, but the odds are only moderate that it will work, you don’t have a choice! You aren’t allowed to have it. Now smokers and the obese will be denied treatment to cut costs and delay the complete failure of their socialist health-care system a short while longer.

And yet Americans are rushing headlong into accepting just such a system from demagogic Democrats rather than accepting the responsibility of understanding the problem.

When did Americans start accepting, even embracing, such government usurpation of their rights? You have a right to be fat! You have a right to be a couch potato! You have the right to turn up the heat when you get cold!

At least you once did.

What in Heaven’s name is happening to my country???

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