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Chris Christie Asks Obama:”What the Hell Are We Paying You For?” by The Elephant's Child

The outspoken Governor of New Jersey speaks out! Assertive. No Pussyfooting around.  Do we admire it so much because we’re too timid to speak out ourselves?


Our American Hero Attacks Greed and Arrogance! by The Elephant's Child

Perhaps the best example we have to keep the feet of our representatives in Congress to the fire, is the outspoken and courageous Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. Not everyone is willing to be a lone leader demanding necessary change at the peril of his popularity, but Governor Christie is, and his example will inspire others.  Many others, we hope.

Governor Chris Christie is Back Again with Another Angry Teacher. by The Elephant's Child

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is back again, taking on an angry teacher. How refreshing is it to have someone speak clearly, explain the facts clearly, insist that his audience recognize the reality of the situation, without an ‘um’ or an ‘uh’, in complete sentences with all the punctuation!  And no teleprompters.  What a terrific example this man is.  I hope Republicans are observing and learning.

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