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Neither Wind nor Rain, nor Anarchists nor Democrats Will Stay These Republicans From Their Appointed Duties. by The Elephant's Child

Protocol? Nevermind. Tradition? Old fashioned. Courtesy? A “quaint code of etiquette.” Forget it.  Presidential candidates have traditionally kept a low profile during their opponents convention, but Democrats are going all out with high-profile events to counter the Republican convention next week in Tampa. The President, Michelle Obama, the Vice President and leading congressional Democrats have all scheduled high-profile events to compete with the formal nomination of Mitt Romney.

Democratic operatives say their blitz will be the strongest yet. As The Hill reports:

With Romney and the Republicans scrambling to defend Romney’s tax history and undo the damage from Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-Mo.) recent comments on rape and abortion, Obama and the Democrats don’t want to give the GOP a weeklong opening to shift the discussion back to jobs and the economy — Obama’s chief vulnerability heading into November’s elections.

Well, my goodness. Do you think those nasty Republicans might want to talk about jobs and the economy? Mitt Romney’s tax returns are just ever so much more important. I hear he even had a Swiss bank account that he reported to the IRS. Would anyone there have any incentive to look closely at the Swiss bank account of the President’s opponent? Consider it thoroughly examined, vetted, and can we get any sillier? Somebody has been reading way too many spy thrillers.

I know it is hard for Democrat operatives to grasp, but they are dealing with two pretty straight-arrow people.  That’s just the kind of men they are.

There’s a hurricane that may also disrupt the convention, or maybe not; but if it doesn’t, the anarchists have threatened to attack the venue with all their power.

Never fear, the Democrat media will be on hand to report every misstep, gaffe, slip of the tongue, or overheard conversation. They may have become a little testy when Obama has been unavailable for questions for more than two months, but he made a “surprise” visit to a press conference just this week, and even answered some questions.  ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper admitted to conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham that he “thought the media helped tip the scales” for Obama. “Sometimes I saw with story selection, magazine covers, photos picked, [the] campaign narrative, that it wasn’t always the fairest coverage.”  *

*The once “Big Three” networks are going to offer only one hour of coverage of the convention each night, and they are ignoring Monday night entirely.” At 10:30 Monday night, Ann Romney is scheduled to take the stage in her husband’s four-day introduction to the nation. But tens of millions of people will not be able to watch.” according to the New York Times. Total War includes small sneaky steps as well.

C-Span will, as usual, cover it all.

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