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Victor Davis Hanson on Our Leverage with North Korea by The Elephant's Child

There has been a lot of misinformation about both getting out of the so-called Iran deal and getting into a new North Korean agreement. The two situations may be connected, but not in the way we are usually told.

Getting out of the Iran deal did not destroy trust in the U.S. government. Our departure from the deal does not mean that North Korea cannot reliably negotiate with America.

In 2015, the Iran deal was not approved as either a Senate-ratified treaty or a joint congressional resolution. Had the deal been a treaty, President Donald Trump could not have walked away from it so easily and with so little downside.

Former President Obama knew that he did not have majority congressional support for his initiative. Therefore, he desperately sought ways to circumvent the constitutionally directed authority of the Senate and redefine a treaty as a mere executive order

The rest of the article is here

Kim Jong-un Conducted a Test of a Hydrogen Bomb, Or Maybe Not. by The Elephant's Child

Kim Jong-un has been busy. On January 6, he conducted a nuclear test of  what was billed as a a hydrogen bomb, but probably wasn’t. On February 7, he put a satellite into orbit, thereby demonstrating an ability to deploy long-range rockets that might be capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to America’s West Coast. And then he executed the chief of the North Korean army’s general staff for unknown reasons.

But finally, he’s getting some serious pushback. South Korea has closed the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a business development in North Korea, run by South Korean managers, funded by South Korea, and employing North Korean workers. The New York Times reported that South Korea suspected that the North had taken the $560 million that South Korean factories had paid its workers since 2004 and used it for nuclear weapons development and missile technology. Closed down, and a major blow to the North.

South Korea also announced that it might deploy THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System) a powerful American missile defense system that has the potential to better defend South Koreans and American troops stationed in South Korea from any missiles from North Korea.

This should have been done years ago, but the Obama administration had to be dragged into it by Congress. Experts on the government of North Korea say to sanction North Korea severely and keep it up until the government collapses.

China doesn’t like the North Korean government but likes the alternatives far less. South Korea isn’t up for the burden of supporting North Korea in the event of reunification, The two Koreas are far apart in terms of economies, education levels and ideologies, but a merger shouldn’t be a disaster. Kim Jong-un keeps executing people he doesn’t like, including an uncle. It’s complicated.

The Story of Oh by The Elephant's Child
July 22, 2012, 9:57 pm
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Over at Pajamas Media, the estimable Richard Fernandez tells the melancholy tale of Oh Kil-nam, a South Korean man who, convinced by his Marxist education that North Kora was a worker’s paradise, decided to defect there with his wife and two children in 1986. Oh, who had just completed his PhD in Germany in Marxist economics and who “had been active in left-wing groups” had no reason to doubt the beckoning invitation of North Korean officials who promised him free health care and a government job, like certain other people you may know.

He chose poorly.

Aged and broken, Oh now concludes that his “life was ruined by his decision to defect to North Korea. Seventy years old, he still does not know the fate of his wife and daughters — either dead or imprisoned in a labor camp.” His wife, who lacked the benefit of a European education,suspected something was amiss from the first.  She was aghast when he told her of his plan to defect.

“Do you know what kind of place it is?” she asked. “You  have not even been there once.  How can you make such a reckless decision?”

But Oh replied that the Northerners were Koreans too —they”cannot be that brutal”, he told her.

Ha ha ha.

Hee, hee, ho, ha, ha ha! LOL. He thought they couldn’t be that brutal. Those are the famous last words. Read the rest of the cautionary tale:

Adventures in Wonderland! by The Elephant's Child
June 29, 2011, 9:16 pm
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Some days it just feels like you fell down the rabbit hole and woke up in a really strange place. To wit, the new president of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament is — So Se Pyong of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In his initial address to the Conference as president, So Se Pyong of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea said that the was very much committed to the Conference and during his presidency he welcomed any sort of constructive proposals that strengthened the work and credibility of the body.  He was ready to work closely with all members to provide the grounds for strengthening their work.  As president, he would be guided by the Rules of Procedure and take into account the position of each delegation to find common ground on substantive issues and procedural matters as well.  With their support and cooperation, he would do everything in his capacity to move the Conference on Disarmament forward.

The retiring president, Ambassador Marius Grinius of Canada in his farewell address said:

[H]e would argue that the Conference on Disarmament was on life support because it  no longer was the sole multilateral negotiating forum for disarmament. Indeed, it was not negotiating anything and had not been for a very long time. He suggested they must do more, by looking at the entire United Nations disarmament machinery and deciding whether this machinery was part of the problem or victim of political paralysis. The Conference on Disarmament was fast approaching an historic tipping point. They would need all of their collective wisdom, and perhaps some luck, at the General Assembly in the fall when it would decide what to do with the Conference  on Disarmament.

And that is the word from UNOG, the United Nations Office at Geneva, in the Heart of Europe. If you have constructive proposals for the newly elected president of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament, send them along to Mr. So Se Pyong.  And if you see the rabbit, say Hi!

The Good Life in North Korea by The Elephant's Child
April 16, 2011, 5:01 pm
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Liberty, as it is practiced in North Korea. This is a glimpse into the lives of favored North Korean students studying film and acting. They lead privileged lives learning how to act in State propaganda films. They are the ones who get food, along with the Army.

(h/t: Maggie’s Farm)

There Were Humpty-Backed Camels, and Chimpanzees, Green Alligators, and …Long-Range Ballistic Missiles? by American Elephant
May 18, 2010, 6:32 pm
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Mass-murderer, Zimbabwean Dictator Robert Mugabe, is making overtures toward Kim Jong Il, who has absolutely nothing whatsoever of  value to give in return except nuclear and missile technology, and the left is outraged over animal welfare!???

We are doomed!

Kind of makes you feel like building an ark of your own.

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