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The Cover Oregon Debacle is Beyond Covering Up! by The Elephant's Child

Cover Oregon finally gave up today, and pulled the plug. They still have not enrolled a single person in ObamaCare. Three hundred million down the drain. The state has spent another $7 million signing up 69,000 people manually, using paper applications.

Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber promised to lead the nation on ObamaCare. Didn’t work out that way. An internal audit ordered by the governor concluded that Cover Oregon’s architects were doomed by multi-agency bureaucratic confusion with no quality control or accountability for results. Investigators at the KATU news station found evidence suggesting that Cover Oregon officials created a fake website to create the illusion of progress for the feds who made grants to Oregon for ObamaCare that added up to $303 million.

An advisory panel voted for the state to revert to the federal exchange, but White House officials said they were already planning to annex the exchange. The goal now is rescuing the career of Senator Jeff Merkley. Oregon is very liberal, but the ObamaCare debacle is going to affect anyone in an official position. It’s just not something that enhances a resume. Likely Republican challenger Monica Wehby is a pediatric neurosurgeon, and an impressive candidate.

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