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Obama Is Going After “Carbon Pollution” With “Climate Hubs” by The Elephant's Child

Your federal Government at work.  President Obama has enacted part of his promised “Climate Action Plan” today with the creation of regional “Climate Hubs” to coordinate a response to global warming with farmers, ranchers and owners of forest land. This is another executive order by the president without benefit of Congressional

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said the seven Regional Hubs for Risk Adaption and Mitigation to Climate Change “are going to do a risk analysis of crop production and of forestry, in terms of changing climates.”

This is, you see, part of Obama’s State of the Union promise “to responsibly cut carbon pollution, slow the effects of climate change and put America on track to a cleaner environment.” Unfortunately there is no such thing as “carbon pollution.” We are carbon-based life forms. Carbon is one of the basic building blocks of life. No carbon — no life. There is not a thing that Mr. Obama can do to “slow the effects of climate change.”

Well, nevermind. They are going to “responsibly” cut carbon pollution. CO2 is a natural fertilizer for plants. It helps plants withstand cold, and many climate scientists believe we are looking at another 20 years of cooling at least. There has been no warming for 17 years.

The problem with Liberals is not that they don’t know anything, but that they know so many things that just aren’t so. The New Yorker: “How Cold Weather Makes You Forget About Global Warming:” Suggests the media needs to “frame the (cold) weather within the context of climate change, emphasizing that it was unnatural.”

“It may come as a surprise to you — it certainly did to me — that 51 percent of the entire land mass of the United States is engaged in either agriculture or forestry. This is a part of our economy that is significant: 16 million people are employed as a result of agriculture, and it represents roughly 5 percent of the gross domestic product,” Vilsack said, adding that the recent severe snow storms and the persistent California drought are a “reflection of the changing weather patterns that will, indeed, impact and affect crop production, livestock production, as well as an expansion of pests and diseases and could compromise agriculture and forestry.”

Well, if we’d start appointing Agriculture Secretaries who have some familiarity with farming, it would help. Vilsack’s qualification was that he had been governor of Iowa. He was also a big backer of the Pigford claimants who fraudulently pretended to be farmers to get enormous amounts of reparations from the government.

Vilsack’s examples of how the new hubs might work would be to identify technologies and practical science-based guidance that will say to farmers — this is how you need to manage, this is what you need to grow, and what seed technology you need. The general direction described doesn’t sound as if this is something the farmers have requested, but simply more Federal busywork. Farmers know a lot more about what they need to do than the Federal government does.


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