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There’s a Reason Why Obama Has No Strategy by The Elephant's Child


This new poll from the Pew Research Center is interesting. I guess you could sum it up by saying that Republicans are bigger worriers than Democrats — or possibly that Democrats are clueless about what is going on in the world. I wonder where Obama would rank on this survey?

We have a broad array of strategies, which the Pentagon produces, ready for any exigency. This is not a time when we should be cutting our military to the bone. I think every person on the right, seeing that long column of ISIS thugs with their flags and guns, wondered where the A-10s were. Designed for just such an occasion, they are old and retired by Obama. I suspect the reason for cutting the military so drastically is more about punishing Republicans who do care about the services and military preparedness, than about a serious look at our real needs.

Republicans, I believe, are far more accepting of human nature and its flaws, and recognize ever-present evil when it breaks out once again. They know we will make mistakes, but accept that in the effort, and will try to do better next time.

Democrats have no real understanding of human nature at all, and assume that it can be fixed by wise people in government with the right mixture of regulations and laws. They used to believe in a Utopian future, but at present they don’t get much beyond the battle to be in control. Once they are running everything, it will take some time to get everybody in line, but once that is accomplished they can work on the glorious future, which they haven’t figured out yet.

There is no limit to the effort, money, legal challenges, fraud and lies they will expend in the effort to win — to be in control. See the feverish attempts to destroy potential Republican candidates like Rick Perry and Scott Walker with bizarre lawsuits that might tie them up in court, and provide useful material for future opposition commercials. Leave no stone unturned.

There is a lot of information (and speculation) in this survey. I’d like to see more on the differences between the parties, which is greater than I have ever known it to be.  The Left has shifted far to the left. Leftists claim that Republicans have shifted to the right, but they are trying to demonize Tea Party members as raving, drooling extremists instead of your next-door neighbors who have, as a result of — oh, the stimulus, the growth of government, ObamaCare and a couple hundred other extra-legal  moves by the Obama administration become interested in and concerned about politics for the first time in their lives.


My Objections Are Numerous, My Complaints Are Too! by American Elephant

My differences with the Democrats on ObamaCare are numerous and specific.  Some are simply philosophical.  To me health care is about healing the sick and injured, caring for the frail and elderly, not about whether every healthy person gets their annual checkup on time.

Democrats care about everyone having insurance coverage.  Since they have specifically rejected every proven way of reducing the costs involved, and they intend to insure another 30 million uninsured people; simply taxing rich people, tanning salons and plastic water bottles isn’t going to cover it — not by a long shot.  It is doubtful if they can raise taxes enough. That leaves rationing of care.

Obama’s healthcare advisers: Tom Daschle, Ezekiel Emanuel and Peter Orzag, all point out that most of the costs of health care come in the last years, and it just isn’t cost-effective to be paying for expensive joint replacement, organ transplant, stents or pacemakers for folks so close to kicking the bucket.  Better to invest the money in young healthy productive people.  Thus, you have Oregon denying an expensive, but possibly life-saving, drug for an older patient, but offering assisted suicide as an alternative.  And just to make sure that they get the last dime out of our older citizens, they are taxing the wheelchair that you’d be confined to when they denied your joint replacement.

Other differences are partisan.  I have to admit that I just do not understand the mindset of the Left.  How any sentient being can believe, after all the evidence of the entire Twentieth Century, that socialism in any form offers any sort of radiant future is beyond me. We have evidence, over and over, from one country after another that Socialism simply doesn’t work. The Left believes that this time it will be different.

How can the left look at policies, and be completely unconcerned with the evidence, the studies, the careful cost evaluations?  They tell themselves lies, lie to the American people, and are sure that it won’t matter.  They do not understand nor consider consequences or incentives, and do not grasp why people do not act as they expect them to.  How can anyone look at the history of this country or any country and assume that things can be better done by government.  What exactly has government ever done well?

When it first became apparent that Democrats were excluding themselves, all of Congress and the administration and the senior staffers who actually wrote the bill [yes — pg. 158] from any provisions of the health care bill  — that should have been one big enormous clue to the nature of Democrat plans.

Sometimes clues aren’t enough.  Sad.  So here we are.

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