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Paul Ryan on “The Path to Prosperity” by The Elephant's Child

While everyone else seems to be trying desperately to avoid making waves, Paul Ryan is trying to save the country.  In the face of Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats’ absolute refusal to produce a budget for nearly three years, it is enormously encouraging to have someone there — wading in to the intricacies of the budget — and trying to find a way out.

A lot of us regret that he is not running for President, but he believes he can make a greater difference where he is, and that seems to be exactly the case. Godspeed, Mr. Ryan.

Paul Ryan Is Trying To Save The Country. by The Elephant's Child

“What if your President, your Senator and your Congressman knew a crisis was coming?  What if they knew why it was happening?  What if they knew what they needed to do to stop it from happening?  What if they had the time to stop it?  And what if they chose to do nothing about it…because they thought it wasn’t good politics? 

“What would you think of that person?”

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