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Maybe She Could Teach Economics Instead. by The Elephant's Child

Here are Speaker Pelosi’s actual words from today. She’s even more deluded than I thought. Her “multiplier effect” is a whole 2, not 1.5 as I had thought. For every dollar you put into the economy, you get two back!  We can just shut down the government, put all the money out in the economy any old way and get double your money back.

Shazam!  Why no time at all and we’d have the deficit all paid off, and the debt too.  Maybe Ms. Pelosi can take her program to Europe. They’re having budgetary problems as well.

But we can’t let her get away with the claim that they would be giving “the rich” $700 billion.  They want to take $700 billion more away from “the rich.” They want to raise their taxes. Democrats, conveniently, cannot get their minds around the fact that a large percentage of “the rich” are single proprietorships, or partnerships, of subchapter S corporations who are filing their business tax returns as individuals.  When you raise taxes on those folks, you kill more jobs.

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