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Lies, Hate & Scaremongering: aka The Obama Campaign by American Elephant

KAPOW! Right in the Kisser! by American Elephant

Hot damn. If this video from the Republican Governor’s Association is any indication of the type of campaign Republicans are going to run this year, then Republicans could very well take back both houses of congress this November.

The video is slick, powerful and nails the tone and message. It tells the 80% of Americans who are angry and distrust this government that they are absolutely right by reminding them, with Democrats own words and deeds, of the blatant disregard of the American people’s wishes, precedent, the rule of law, and of the radically, dangerously corrupt  manner in which Democrats are forcing their unpopular agenda on an unwilling public.

I particularly like the choice of the Lincoln quote at the beginning. Spot on.

And if for no other reason, you just know the video nails it because, right out of the box, the left-wing media is attacking it as some crypto-Fawkesian incitement to blow up Parliament Congress or some such. (“Remember, remember the fifth of November; gunpowder, treason and plot”) Going immediately to DEFCON 1 like that means they’re scared.  No one has even called it racist yet that I know of, but if they haven’t yet, I’m sure they will have before I finish writing this post. Liberals are predictable if nothing else after all.

Kudo’s to Haley Barbour and the Republican Governor’s Association, and especially to the in-house talent that made this polished, powerful vid. This is the second slick ad I’ve seen from that group, which suggests to me that  the RGA may be where the real leadership is in the Republican party this election. You might consider hitting them up with a donation if you can. When someone in our party is leading in the right direction, I like to get behind them.

More please!

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Threaten Democrats With Sunlight by American Elephant

Your health care is at risk, my health care is at risk, the very nature of the relationship between Americans and their government is at risk because power-hungry Democrat cockroaches in Washington DC are making dirty deals in dark backrooms for votes on Obama’s wildly unpopular socialist health-care Trojan Horse.

Rush said today that Obama wouldn’t dare hold a press conference right now because the rank corruption that is going on can only happen in secrecy. He’s right. Cockroaches thrive in the dark. What America desperately needs right now is some sunlight to make these cockroaches scatter!

Unfortunately, minority Republicans aren’t currently in a position to cast much sunlight on Democrats’ corrupt dealings.

But they will be.

After next November’s elections, if Republicans take back control of one of both chambers on Capitol Hill as many predict they will, they will gain subpoena power, control committees, and direct the agenda of at least one chamber of congress.

And that is a powerful weapon that Republicans can and should use to kill this horrendous bill — and they should use it now.  Americans already know Pelosi and Obama are bribing Democrats to get them to vote yes on Obamacare. Some of their corrupt dealings have already been exposed.  GOP leaders should immediately hold a press conference, citing those corrupt dealings and the sleazy, corrupt  manner in which this bill is being passed,  and threaten wavering Democrats by promising that if Republicans win next November, they will investigate any and all evidence of corruption, bribery and even the appearance of impropriety surrounding the passage of  this unpopular bill. They should threaten to subpoena records, hold hearings if necessary, and promise that they will expose the Democrats involved, punish unethical behavior and prosecute anything illegal.

Democrat fence-sitters will be MUCH more reluctant to make shady deals and accept promises of cushy jobs if they fear their golden parachutes might be made public, get them investigated or land them in jail.

Sunlight is not only the best disinfectant, it also makes cockroaches scatter!

And even the threat of future sunlight may be just what Republicans need to scare enough wavering Democrats to kill this cancerous bill.

I hope you will call and write your Representatives and the Republican leaders and ask them to immediately hold a press conference and publicly promise to cast sunlight on ALL the Democrat’s dirty deals.

[updated March 16, 2010, 10:12 pm]

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