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Alternative Math by The Elephant's Child

This delightful short film has the odd feeling that we’ve see this story before, that it is perhaps a little too close to today’s reality. Makes you slightly uncomfortable.

Stolen shamelessly from Maggie’s Farm  Do watch the whole thing, it’s not very long and worth every minute.

The Harvard Bait and Switch; Harvey Silverglate by The Elephant's Child

Harvey Silverglate is a Liberal, but the old-fashioned kind of Liberal. And he cares passionately about free speech. So passionately indeed, that he was a co-founder of the  Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), that admirable organization that fights speech codes and the growing tendency of colleges and universities to demand that “You Can’t Say That!” Our Citadels of Learning insist that they want to teach critical thinking, but you certainly aren’t entitled to disagree.


It’s “Sustainable” Silly Time at the White House. by The Elephant's Child

Obama’s Green Egg, was the title of a short piece “Sustainability” about the upcoming White House Easter Egg Roll.  The White House e-mailed:

In a continued effort to make the Easter Egg Roll more environmentally friendly, all eggs have again been crafted in the United States from Forest Stewardship Council-certified hardwood. The packaging has also been designed to minimize waste and environmental impact, helping to create a ‘greener’ Easter Egg and Easter Egg packaging.Below is information on the packaging:

Made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) – certified paperboard. SFI® paperboard uses no wood fibers from controversial sources. The printed carton is easily recyclable when collected and processed in a municipal or community Paperboard Recycling Program. Features vegetable oil-based inks and a water-based coating.

I really hate buzz-words.  “Sustainability” is high on my list as a nonsense word.  Isn’t the unemployment rate high enough without Obama putting a bunch of poor laying hens out of business? Imagine the energy and work hours, and costs involved in shaping  eggs from “certified hardwood.”

Do the kids get to take home their environmentally friendly Forest Stewardship Council-certified hardwood eggs home with the as souvenirs? I can’t imagine why they would want to, what do you do with a wood egg?  You mean that ordinary hen’s eggs are not environmentally friendly? The hens would be astonished.  This is just sick. They did this last year too, didn’t they?  Almost as silly as “earth hour.”

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