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I Apologize! Isn’t That an Old Song? by The Elephant's Child

I’m sorry for the erratic blogging over the last week or so. Complications of life that you would not enjoy hearing about — boring, annoying, but not even mildly interesting. Here’s a little humor to brighten a Sunday morning:



Extraordinary Marketing Skills! by The Elephant's Child
September 24, 2012, 5:29 pm
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How Liberals Argue. by The Elephant's Child

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Senator Patty Murray Makes a Football Analogy. by The Elephant's Child
October 26, 2010, 7:13 am
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“When you get the kickoff in the end zone way behind and you got to pick it up and you got to get it all the way to the other end, kinda happened to us when he became president and we got this little football from the Bush administration waaaay back in the end zone, had to pick it up and play by play by heard-earned yard a hard-earned yard, get it up the field to the 50-yard line, and it was tough work. Well, I’ll tell you what, when you get to the 50-yard line, you don’t say, ‘Shoo, that was hard I’m going home.’ You don’t say, ‘I don’t like that last play I’m giving up.’ You pick up that football and you keep going and you get your team together till you get it into the end zone, and that’s what we’re doing under the leadership of this president.”— Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.), Oct. 21

A Few Words from Fred Thompson by The Elephant's Child

The always entertaining and informed Fred Thompson on the economy.

Memo to President-elect Barack Obama: by The Elephant's Child

This is delicious.  The federal government, over the past 16 years, has invested billions of dollars in building a fleet of 112,000 alternative-fuel vehicles to serve as a model for the country’s benighted citizens.

It seemed like a good idea, but bureaucratic brilliance has a way of going haywire.  The expensive effort to put more workers into vehicles powered by ethanol and other alternate fuels ran into the minor problem that there were not fuel stations in place to support them. Oops!

“I call it the ‘Field of Dreams” plan.  If you buy them they will come,” said U.S. Postal Service vehicle operations manager Wayne Corey.  “It hasn’t happened.”

Under a mandate from Congress, federal agencies have gradually enlarged their fleets of alternative-fuel vehicles, most of them “flex-fuel,” capable of running on either gasoline or ethanol-base E85 fuel. Many of the vehicles were sent to locations that were hundreds of miles from a flex-fuel station.  Because of this awkward detail, more than 92 percent of the fuel used in the government’s alternative fuel fleet is simply ordinary gasoline.  A 2005 law requires agencies to seek waivers when a vehicle is more than five miles or 15 minutes from an ethanol pump. More paperwork as well.

The newest versions of flex-fuel vehicles often come only with larger engines than the ones that they replaced in the fleet.  So the program has often increased gasoline consumption and emission rates.

Not to mention the little side issues like the climbing cost of food because we are putting food crops in our gas tanks. Or, of course, the hunger strikes in developing countries.  We can look forward to the rules that Congress develops to save the automobile industry.

This is funny! by The Elephant's Child

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