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End Those Automatic Pay Raises Says — Patty Murray? by The Elephant's Child

The earth has shifted on its axis, the Capitol Building is shaking, and members of Congress must be hearing from the folks at home.  Big doings.  The riots in Madison,Wisconsin by assorted members of public sector unions are not playing well in the hustings.  Strange things are happening:

Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington says it’s time to end the practice of giving automatic pay raises to members of Congress, who currently earn a minimum of $174,000 per year.  Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) backs a 5 percent reduction.

With the economy still reeling in much of the nation, members of Congress are eager to show that they’re economically in touch with their constituents.

That’s not necessarily an easy thing to do.  Nearly half of them are millionaires.

Congressional pay has increased about 30 percent since the late 1990s — from $133,600  to $174,000. and increase of $40,400.

It wasn’t too long ago that Congress voted on their wage increases, and when the economy was sour and they voted themselves a hefty increase, they heard from their constituents, and then some.   So they voted themselves automatic increases so they don’t have to hear from the folks at home. Since the raises became automatic in 1989, salaries have nearly doubled.

Patty Murray, my senator, is not only a Democrat, but a pretty far left Democrat. The bill to repeal automatic raises has already attracted 29 co-sponsors.  Nothing so demonstrates the cracks that are appearing in the edifice of debt the Democrats have erected as this statement from Senator Murray.  It’s a good sign.  I think maybe they’re really going to get something done.

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