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Obama Fails His Most Important Job by American Elephant

Obama Days Without Terrorist Attack

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Terrorists attacked the United States at home on September 11, 2001, 8 months into President Bush’s first year in office. We now know, from the 9/11 Commission, that one of the major reasons is because the Clinton administration had erected a “wall” that prevented the CIA and FBI from communicating with one another. After that horrific day, President Bush kept Americans safe at home for the rest of his two terms in office.

Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama cannot say the same thing.

America has been attacked again, by people we not only allowed to immigrate, but for whom we provided welfare as well. If the news media were remotely fair or balanced, or if a Republican were president, this failure is all they would be talking about. But it is not, so they are trying their hardest to ignore the administration’s failure altogether.

Our government was warned multiple times and did nothing. Americans deserve answers.

GALLUP: Bush Job Approval Higher Than Obama’s by American Elephant
December 6, 2010, 8:37 pm
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George W. Bush 47% job approval
Barack Obama….. 45% job approval

Now of course, Obama could, in theory, do something to temporarily bring those numbers up, but as time and new information yield new perspective, I believe history will continue to view Bush more and more favorably, while Obama has already, I think, performed so abysmally, and done so much damage, that he will eventually be generally recognized as one of the worst if not the worst presidents in history. Though he still could do something to eke out an edge over Carter.

Only time will tell.  But, in the meantime, to our Bush-Hitler-Chimpy-McHalliburton “progressive” friends — stick that in your bongs and smoke it! 🙂

Update: Other Interesting Poll Results:

In another poll of 15,000 adults, Rasmussen finds that for the first time ever, more Americans identify themselves with Republicans than with the Democrat party by 36 to 34.7 percent. This is big. Even in the Republican landslide of 1994, Democrats still led the GOP in party identification. Politicians would do well to not fool themselves — Americans are really, really angry at what Obama and the Democrats have done.

Keep this poll in mind when you read other poll results in the near future. If the percentages of Republicans vs Democrats in their samples are not close to these numbers, you will know the poll is biased, and by how much.

Still another poll shows that nearly HALF of Democrats think the government should control the entire economy. Not going to be hearing much about THAT poll from the Ministry of  Truth, aka the “mainstream” media, as it makes it much harder to argue that the Democrat party is not controlled by socialists. It is.

And lastly, when Barack Obama wins election by 53%, it’s portrayed by the Ministry of Truth as a landslide, giving Obama a mandate to change whatever he damn well wants. Yet when 54% of Americans say Obama’s ban on offshore drilling is going to drive up the cost of gas, the activist media calls it a “slim majority”.

This is why I have given up the term “media bias” — it’s not a strong enough term. It connotes an almost unintentional air. The truth is we have an activist media, conscientiously trying to help Democrats and hurt Republicans.

(h/t HotAir)

Finally! Obama Gets Presidential Approval Numbers Up… by American Elephant
July 23, 2010, 11:05 pm
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…they just aren’t his.

But hey! At least Obama has finally found something he can do without disastrous consequences…making OTHER presidents look better! Since taking office, Obama’s own approval numbers have plummeted, with more Americans disapproving of him than approving according to even the most favorable polls, while his even more unpopular agenda has caused Clinton and Bush’s ratings to shoot up.

At this rate, wait a couple more months for the slow-learners to catch up, and Bush will be more popular than Obama — as well he should. But I shudder to think of the additional damage Obama will do to the country in just a couple months time, let alone the remainder of his term!

Bush was right/Democrats lied #379: by American Elephant

Democrats unanimously confirm the four-star General they previously accused of lying about the Surge and referred to as General “Betray Us.”

How anyone who votes Democrat can even face themselves in the mirror is utterly beyond me.

The Content of Their Character by American Elephant
August 1, 2009, 5:16 am
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A photographic tale of two presidents:

Obama Ignores Guest

And why is President “it’s not about me” relaxing in shirtsleeves while his guests are baking in coat and tie?

Doug Ross has another must-see comparison.

(h/t Don Surber)

Obama Booed at All Star Game by American Elephant
July 15, 2009, 2:02 am
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And he throws like a girl. The self-styled “best fans in baseball” showered Obama with both cheers and a resounding round of well-deserved boos. According to Yahoo, President Bush received more applause for his recorded message at the game than Obama did for his live, sissy pitch (he didn’t make it to the plate) BALL! (If you’re interested, Mr. Obama, this is how you throw a strike.)

President Obama also, for reasons known only to himself, appeared to be wearing his mother’s jeans.

Heads Explode All Over Hollywood by American Elephant
May 5, 2009, 1:31 am
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The Dalai Lama tells students they should look up to President Bush.

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