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The Aussies Don’t Like Cap-And-Trade Either! by The Elephant's Child

Our friends down under elected a Labour candidate as their new Prime Minister, the first woman to hold the office in Australia.  Now they’re stuck with Cap-and-Trade, which will cost their economy dearly, and accomplish nothing at all. Even if you double the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, it would mean only a possible one degree warmer, something that we can adapt to rather easily.

But on the eve of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s carbon tax announcement, we learn that Australia’s primary schoolchildren are being terrified by lessons claiming that climate change will bring “death, injury and destruction” to the world unless they take action.  The Centre for Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University’s director Dr.Sue Stocklmayer said that climate change has been  portrayed as Doomsday scenarios with no way out.

Sounds like those videos of exploding children.  Green activists are so convinced of their own righteousness that they feel fine about trying to indoctrinate children by scaring them. Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett said the government would not stop the teaching of climate science, despite moves in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn.  The school activities are championed by the Federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  (Sounds like it compares to our very own EPA.)

It sounds like a revolt is brewing.  One very well-informed Aussie woman took on Prime Minister Gillard, and won handily, and the video has gone viral in Australia.

Governments accept the IPCC reports as if they were gospel, question nothing, and have little understanding of the extent to which ordinary people are taking the trouble to learn about climate.  Perhaps it is catching— a worm in the brain that they pick up from other bureaucrats at important meetings.  The infection spreads and suddenly they are all preaching that they must DO something.  That train has already left the station.  The world is not running out of energy, the earth has been cooling for nearly 15 years, and foolish green ideas will play havoc with Australia’s carbon intensive economy.  People particularly don’t like it when you scare their kids.


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