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Oh Dear! The Kids Are Rebelling! by The Elephant's Child

The kids are revolting. The new school lunch program is not pleasing the students. The government is dictating not only the choice of foods, many that kids are not used to, but limiting the calories to an extent that many kids simply don’t get enough to eat — athletes in particular. In New Bedford, MA  humus and black bean salad are a tough sell.  Students have already created a black market— for chocolate syrup, which they are selling by the squeeze.

‘Unexpectedly’ at least one government official tried to put the blame on the kids.

One thing I think we need to keep in mind as kids say they’re still hungry is that many children aren’t used to eating fruits and vegetables at home, much less at school. So it’s a change in what they are eating. If they are still hungry, it’s that they are not eating all the food that’s being offered,” USDA Deputy Undersecretary Janey Thornton was quoted as saying.

Ms. Thornton just put her finger on the problem. The government is trying to impose a new diet that children are not accustomed to. It’s not reasonable to expect them to either eat what the government deems healthy or go hungry.

In Kansas, students and teachers got together to create a YouTube parody.

An English teacher at Wallace County High School wrote the parody after a colleague posted a photo of her school lunch on Facebook.

The lunch included one cheese-stuffed bread stick, a small dollop of marinara sauce, three apple slices and some raw spinach. The teacher supplemented the lunch with items from a salad bar, including cubes of ham, bacon bits and dressing, which were available only to teachers.

“I asked why the sauce had no meat and was informed that due to the breadsticks containing cheese, the meat would put us over the guideline for protein. …the ‘cheese’ inside the breadstick is approximately three bites. This is ridiculous.”

Students in Pennsylvania have organized brown-bag protests. Representatives King and Huelskamp have introduced a bill to repeal the calorie requirements approved by Congress in 2010.The rules require students to take servings of a fruit or vegetable regardless of whether they plan to eat it or not.

In Wichita, schools cut down on waste by setting up “share tables” where students can leave items like bananas , oranges or packaged foods they don’t want.

I can distinctly remember a time in parochial school when someone’s job was to distract the nun seated at the table, while the rest of us scraped the dreaded tomato aspic into napkins on our laps, to go into the garbage. I suspect the nun was not fooled, but hated the aspic as much as the rest of us.

Typical Big Government approach. Great effort and publicity expended on giving kids food they hate and filling up the trash cans.

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