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Convention in Chaos by American Elephant
August 18, 2008, 12:27 am
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Democrat National Committee Convention

Denver police have stock-piled pepper spray and stun guns, the city council, acting on tips, passed laws prohibiting the carrying of urine and feces (charming!), now we learn that city officials have converted a warehouse into a mass detention facility, complete with chain-link cells topped with razor wire.

Which begs the question, can you imagine any of this being necessary if Republicans were protesting? And why can’t liberals come together without breaking the law and violating everyone else’s civil rights? And finally, is it any wonder that the same people who think they have the right to behave like criminals when demonstrating for their cause also believe they have the right to behave like criminals in pushing their political agenda once in office?

No doubt they will plague the Republican convention as well.

The children of Code Pink, Recreate ’68, and their comrades are not happy. Perhaps someone should tell them that if they object to being caged, they should stop behaving like animals.

Tell it to the Marines! by The Elephant's Child

Speaking of war protesters, the anti-war loony left continually amazes in their crass ability to offend public decency.

The ever-yearning-for-attention Berkeley City Council had, I thought, crossed the line when they attempted to banish the Marine Recruiting Office from downtown Berkeley, and gave Code Pink a parking place directly in front of the office. That all dissolved in a fit of giggles when Code Pink Princess Medea Benjamin was spat upon by an angry veteran and she started screaming for help from — the Marines! Bwa ha ha ha!

It appears, however, that attacks on military recruiters are not isolated incidents, but an ongoing campaign by the left. Michelle Malkin details the attacks which have been taking place since 2003.

Now, on March 19, the Pittsburgh Organizing Group intends to evict the Marines from their Pittsburgh recruiting office, “and everything inside it, occupy the location and transform it into something useful for the community. We’ll also be bringing a movable cage in which to confine military recruiters until they no longer pose a danger to our friends and neighbors.”

Goodness. And who do you suppose will defend their right to freedom of speech and their right to demonstrate? And who will, if necessary, save their sorry butts? The Marines.

American Elephant Adds: Code pink and other anti-war activists spend a lot of time harassing, protesting and insulting our military men and women. Why not take a moment and write a short email to tell our armed forces just how much you appreciate and support them:

(Just click the “America Supports You” button, then click the button for “Thank the troops”. You can be as brief or as long-winded as you want. It’s not hard, and they’ve certainly earned it.)

America Supports You!

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